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Trillium Inspired Pale Ale Clone

232 calories 23.6 g 12 oz
Beer Stats
Method: All Grain
Style: Double IPA
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 5.5 gallons (fermentor volume)
Pre Boil Size: 7 gallons
Pre Boil Gravity: 1.050 (recipe based estimate)
Efficiency: 60% (brew house)
Source: Tips from JC Tetreault and Beer Advocate
4.50 (2 Reviews)

Calories: 232 calories (Per 12oz)
Carbs: 23.6 g (Per 12oz)
Created: Saturday February 6th 2016
Amount Fermentable Cost PPG °L Bill %
12 lb US - Pale 2-Row12 lb Pale 2-Row 37 1.8 72.9%
2 lb American - White Wheat2 lb White Wheat 40 2.8 12.1%
0.80 lb Corn Sugar - Dextrose0.8 lb Corn Sugar - Dextrose - (late boil kettle addition) 42 0.5 4.9%
0.67 lb American - Carapils (Dextrine Malt)0.667 lb Carapils (Dextrine Malt) 33 1.8 4.1%
0.50 lb United Kingdom - Cara Malt0.5 lb Cara Malt 35 17.5 3%
0.50 lb Flaked Wheat0.5 lb Flaked Wheat 34 2 3%
16.47 lbs / 0.00
Amount Variety Cost Type AA Use Time IBU Bill %
14 g Columbus14 g Columbus Hops Pellet 15 Boil 60 min 25.65 4.6%
14 g Columbus14 g Columbus Hops Pellet 15 Whirlpool at 180 °F 0 min 10.09 4.6%
54 g Galaxy54 g Galaxy Hops Pellet 14.25 Whirlpool at 180 °F 0 min 36.96 17.9%
44 g Columbus44 g Columbus Hops Pellet 15 Dry Hop 4 days 14.6%
176 g Galaxy176 g Galaxy Hops Pellet 14.25 Dry Hop 4 days 58.3%
302 g / 0.00
Mash Guidelines
Amount Description Type Start Temp Target Temp Time
18 qt Batch Sparge Infusion -- 152 °F 60 min
Starting Mash Thickness: 1.3 qt/lb
Other Ingredients
Amount Name Cost Type Use Time
1 each Yeast Nutrient Other Boil 10 min.
White Labs - Dry English Ale Yeast WLP007
1 Each
Attenuation (avg):
Optimum Temp:
65 - 70 °F
Fermentation Temp:
64 °F
Pitch Rate:
1 (M cells / ml / ° P) 355 B cells required
0.00 Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter Calculator
Method: Forced Carbonation       CO2 Level: 2.4 Volumes
Target Water Profile
Light colored and hoppy
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl- SO4-2 HCO3-
100 18 30 125 125 40
More balanced chloride to sulfate ratio closer to the Northeast/Vermont IPA profile. Boston MWRA water used as my base for the mash water. Using distilled/RO for sparge water. Estimatedy mash pH of 5.2.

Based on above my salt additions will be to the mash water only as follows: 1.4 teaspoons gypsum (5.5 grams), 0.9 teaspoons Epsom salt (4.2 grams), 2.1 teaspoons calcium chloride (9.2 grams), and 0.4 teaspoons baking soda (2 grams).
Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator

This recipe most closely resembles Congress Street IPA. I plan to test different ABVs by adjusting the malt weights, but keeping the general grist intact. Also this malt bill would be the base for many different hop combos. For yeast I'm using the Conan strain, but experimenting with different English strains is another possibility. WLP007 Dry English Ale yeast is speculated to be the true yeast used (BYO, 9/15 issue).

Many thanks to Trillium for being so open regarding ingredients on their website and JC for offering tips in the Beer Advocate forum.

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CalifXi 01/08/2017 at 07:14am
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Germainium 11/10/2017 at 09:19pm
Was there anything you would change on this? I'm shooting to make the Stillings Street clone and made a few variations to the grist and hop schedule. Going with a little more bitter in the 60 min to hit ~45 IBUs and going with about 1 oz of Nelson per gallon in dryhop, while columbus will be about .25oz / gal in whirlpool and dryhop.

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