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    Join Date: 02/04/15
    Location: Marietta, Georgia
    My Brewing:

    I started with extracts, moved to partial mash, then all grain and now I use an all electric BIAB system. I like most beers and love a really good IPA, my favorite IPAs were Fresh Squeezed and Zombie Dust but over the last couple years of experimenting with numerous different grains and hops, I have come up with my own recipes/creations that far exceed any that I have purchased.

    I enjoy the DIY aspects of home-brewing as much as I love beer. I have built brewing several systems over the last few years and have moved from a 5 gal kettle over a propane burner to a 5 gal RIMS mash with a 8 gal kettle over propane to a 16 gal RIMS mash with 16 gallon kettle over propane to a 16 gal RIMS mash with 16 gallon 5500-watt electric kettle to finally my current system:
    A 16 gal, 5500-watt All-in-one BIAB setup with mash re-circulation and an Auber DSPR-310D controller.

    I love this setup, minimal space needed, very little prep or cleanup and the DSPR-310D can easily control everything from step mashing to rapidly increasing temperature to boiling while slowing at the end to prevent boil over, all the while providing me light indications and alarms for whatever steps I desire. This system has not only automated my brew day it has shortened it significantly.

    I am somewhat of a brewing nut, I have converted my detached 3rd garage into a brewing shop and have acquired quite a lot of equipment. A few of my favorite additions are:
    4 tap keezer,
    refrigerator/freezer for storing hops, yeast and frosty beer glasses,
    a chest freezer converted into a fermentation chamber with a programmable controller that can not only cool but also heat and of course cold crash my brews after fermentation and dry hopping is done, and
    a SS 16 gallon All-In-One BIAB brewing system.

    My Beers:

    A few of my favorite creations, in order of Dam that's amazingly good to wow that's tasty:
    1. Almost Naked - Victoria Secret single hop (IPA)
    2. It's 5 O'clock Somewhere - Centennial, Citra, Cascade, Galaxy (IPA)
    3. Black IPAs Matter - Simcoe, Nelson, Willamette, Mosaic (Black IPA)
    4. Southern Grace - Citra & Motueka (IPA)
    5. Kinda Nutty - American Brown Ale
    6. Sleepy Hollow - American Brown Ale (Heavy on the dark chocolate malt)
    7. Who Hopped You - Chinook, Galena, El Dorado (IPA)

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