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    Join Date: 04/19/14
    Location: Milton, WV, yeah likker country!
    My Brewing:

    I've been brewing since 1975, and oh my God I wish I could forget about that Blue Ribbon hops flavored LME, something only Bubba and Cletus would find favor in, as long as it's free, well as long as those guys are around I never have a dumper, rofl. I mostly brew all grain, and lager most of my brews, specializing in getting out of the box, high gravity pilsners, marzens, helles, and very hoppy high IBU's, not your Daddy's Oldsmobile. I find commercial American beers pretty boring, so I create and brew biers that one would find in Europe at small guesthouses and places where biers are sold by local reputation, which is something I've missed since I lived there. If you would like to talk bier, come to Label Peelers in Kent, OH the 1st Saturday of each month for the basic brewing class and tasting. When in the area I try to help the guys, they are the greatest! If you contact Matt the owner, he will have a good Idea which one I will attend, and he's pretty cool for a Pollock, lol. No, don't worry, we like to be picked on. Bring a few homebrews, any of us around there will give a honest opinion, nothing to inflate or deflate your ego, just brutally honest as it should be.

    My Beers:

    Bohemian Pilsners, yayyyyy, German Pilsners, Oktoberfest(Marzen), Helles, dopplebocks, dunkles, and anything I can come up with that is outside the box, and fits a lagered style bier. Usually have between 8 and 10 batches fermenting or in the lager. I am a huge fan of the work of Dr. White, he backs his opinion and results by research data, as a PhD myself, I give a satisfactory grade. One of the things I like doing is to modify yeast to achieve improved results, his research is helpful. Never rush a beer, have patience, let the yeast do it's work, you will like the results. I just had a Helle that I lagered for 45 days after it stopped in the secondary, the yeast decided to start again, it has krausen, is producing CO2, after coming to room temp. What will I do? I'll let it do as it wants, then bottle it, pretty simple, patience! Don't worry, be happy, have a homebrew!!!!

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