1. Frugalbrewing

    Whirlpool experiment (beer 30 idea)

    Got an idea after seeing all the whirlpool posts and making the most out of your hops. I don't have oxygen free transfer for dry hopping so I'm going whirlpool to see what it can do. I'm curious. Current system is an BIAB in an 20QT stock pot, 5 gallon plastic fermenter. I lost the thread...
  2. BenBe

    What if mint ipa?

    What would be your recipe for a clean, crispy Minty IPA?
  3. Sunfire96

    Adjuncts for IPA

    For a west coast IPA, would cane sugar and flaked wheat counteract each other? Here's an IPA recipe I'm toying with, and I added wheat for head formation/retention and cane sugar to dry out the beer. But I've also read that wheat increases body, while cane sugar lightens body/thins out the beer...
  4. B

    Hardcore IPA clone (1 Gallon)

    Hi guys, I'm planning a Hardcore IPA clone using a scaled recipe from Brewdog's DIY DOG. Firstly, i'd like to proof my recipe before plowing head, so if anyone with some good knowledge on small batch DIPA's could tell me if this is gonna work or not - very much appreciated! Im trying to work out...
  5. Sunfire96

    Simcoe single hop IPA

    Hello! I will be brewing a Simcoe single hop IPA, and would love some feedback. The ingredients came in a kit, so I can't change any of the grain bill (precrushed and all mixed in one bag). But! I can mess around with the boil additions, which is what I've tried to do. I've only brewed a...
  6. J

    Mango IPA recommendations

    I'm just about to transfer a mango IPA to secondary for mango infusion and dry hopping. I was planning on mosaic and citra for dry hopping. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Hops or anything?
  7. N

    IPA tastes of lager

    Hello everyone, All of my IPA's have a very lager like taste and it really detracts from the hop flavours I am aiming for. I have tried stripping back my recipies to just: Maris Otter Single hop (bitter/mid/finish) Safale US-05 or M44 US WEST COAST YEAST and its the same. Hoppy lager, I love...
  8. Brewer #302806

    Any thoughts on my first recipe. IPA

    Shohola Peregrine Falcon Created Thursday February 13th 2020 Brewer #302806 Method: All GrainStyle: American Pale AleBoil Time: 60 minBatch Size: 5.5 gallons (fermentor volume) Pre Boil Size: 6.5 gallonsPost Boil Size: 4.5 gallonsPre Boil Gravity: 1.060 (recipe based estimate)Efficiency: 75%...
  9. J

    Sediment in bottles after bottling

    I bottled my first ever brew on Saturday. Everything seems to have progressed as planned other than i haven't been able to get my hands on extra hops to dry hop. Still i bottled after my SG fell to expected levels and stayed there for a while. I didn't condition for too long after having read...
  10. J

    My first Brew - American IPA

    Hey everyone The primary fermentation on my first ever brew is almost complete - probably needs another day or two just to confirm FG. When i've sampled it, i've noticed it has quite a milky appearance. Will the brew clear at all? Im not too worried as ive had some great tasting beers that are...
  11. I

    Adding hops before fermentation

    Hello, I've tried to brew an IPA recipe and kinda messed up with some of the hops, instead of doing "flame out" and adding them during cooldown, I only added the hops when the temperature was ready for yeast, just few minutes before pouring the yeast into the container. I think the crucial piece...
  12. Brewer #237578

    Session IPA

    How do I record the style correctly for a session IPA? The IPA style guidelines only indicate higher abv brews. Understand it's only a guideline but I like to stick to style if possible. Putting it under pale ale technically is not correct because it doesn't meet the definition of an IPA.
  13. xayz110

    About IPA flavour, like grass,acetaldehyde

    I want to ask a question. I recently made 22L session ipa. I didn’t boil hops. I cooled 26L wort to 80℃ and whirlpooled 100g simcoe pellets(T90)+ 100g mosaic.pellets(T90) I used us05 yeast. After fermentation, I confirmed that there was no abnormal odor. And I dry-hopped 50g Simcoe...
  14. Mie

    Brut IPA?

    Seems this is a fairly un-brewed style so far, it's not even in the style list! I figured i'd make a post and see if anyone has experience brewing Brut IPAs or anyone really could give this some feedback :) https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/603096/brut-ipa-work-in-progress-...
  15. BenBe

    bf Community recipe

    Hi there brewers!! Let's create, together a beer. Lets make a BubbleGum IPA Let me know the grain bill, the yeast, hops, fruit of this community recipe. I will add pictures of the brew session Lets do it!
  16. Christopher Brown


    Any suggestions on how/when to utilize cereal to brew a 1 gallon batch? Local brewing club is having an event to use cereal to brew beer. I’m thinking of making a session IPA with lemon drop hops and somehow utilizing an organic version of Trix (avoiding preservatives). Should I add it to the...
  17. lonelymtn

    Sierra Nevada - Butte County Proud IPA

    Sierra Nevada has worked up a new IPA in support of the folks devastated by the Camp Fire in California. They are actively encouraging other breweries (and brewers) to make batches and are attempting to get ingredient donations to cover the costs. I think this is great what SN is doing here --...
  18. J

    Whirlpool & Dry Hop amounts...?

    Hi Everyone, So i have been getting help on here and on other forums to get advice on my first real brewing recipe. Everything looks good, as far as I see, but some people are saying I need more hops in the WP and DH for this 2 gallon batch. Can anyone give me an estimate usage rate per...
  19. J

    Having issues figuring out my IBUs and utilization of hops for my recipe...

    Recipe: https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/717924/new-england-ipa Calculator: https://www.brewersfriend.com/ibu-calculator/ Good evening all, So I created a recipe for a strawberry NEIPA that my friends and I will brew during Thanksgiving. The problem that I am having is...
  20. wscarpenter

    Oat for texture

    I’m trying to do a quick dry malt extract brew to make a hazy ipa. I am going to use flaked oats for the mouth feel and haze. Would I need to use a malted barely for this? Or would simply steeping the oats work? I have read into this quite a bit and most people state I there needs to be enzymes...