1. V

    Water Calc Bug

    Hello brewers! Hope I'm doing this right as I didn't find any bug report form. I noticed that the g/l unit of measure doesn't work in the Acid Addition tab of the Water Calc, spercifically while using 100% Citric Acid, although I suspect that might also not work with other acids or other...
  2. H

    Hop costs not updating

    To Reproduce: Add hops to inventory (with or without brand) Update price of hops Add hops from inventory to recipe Expected Behaviour: Price of hops should be added to cost of recipe Actual Behvaiour: Price of hops not added to cost of inventory
  3. M

    Bug in quick water requirements when fermenter is target volume

    Hi, I think there's a bug when selecting the fermenter as the target volume, and then looking at the quick water requirements. It does not appear to be taking into account the grain absorption into the overall total (this is an extract & specialty grains recipe), or 'water into kettle' volumes...
  4. Sunfire96

    Profile picture rotating on saving?

    Does this happen to anyone else? When I click Save, the new picture shows up in the wrong orientation.
  5. R

    BUG: SG Disappearing From Brew Log

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place, I couldn't find a section specifically for bugs. I'm having an issue when editing Brew Log entries. If I click edit – to add pH, comment, etc – the SG disappears and needs to be re-entered. Wasn't a big deal at first, but I went to add a comment...
  6. T

    Hop Sort

    Has anybody got a problem with the hop sort button? Basically, instead of sorting the hops into a logical order, on each click, it gradually deletes chosen additions, but not all. Very strange? Fix available? Tried reloading etc, but it's still the same.
  7. bowlermj

    How/Where to report potential software bug?

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to the site and am unsure of where to submit a bug report. Would someone be able to assist, please? Thanks, Matt
  8. M

    Possible bug

    I set the target volume in the fermenter to 4 liters, but the recipe calculator fills inn 28.5 liters in the boil volume when switching from All grain to BIAB. I'm thinking these might be some faulty programing there, perhaps a mixup between liters and gallons? The quick water requirement...
  9. azp

    Bug in BeerXML Export

    Hi, there is a bug in BeerXML Export. BeerXML 1.0 states that all Special characters have to be escaped as XML Special character codes. My surname contains a special character ("ö") that is not encoded correctly in the BeerXML export when I put my Name in the Brewer field. Therfore my recipe is...