Bug in quick water requirements when fermenter is target volume


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May 8, 2019
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I think there's a bug when selecting the fermenter as the target volume, and then looking at the quick water requirements. It does not appear to be taking into account the grain absorption into the overall total (this is an extract & specialty grains recipe), or 'water into kettle' volumes.

Screenshot 2020-08-31 at 20.41.47.png

I would expect 'boil water added to kettle' to be 12.2 to account for the 0.5L of grain absorption from steeping, leaving behind 11.7L prior to extract/sugar additions.

If I set target to kettle, and set the target to account for dead space, the calculations appear to be done correctly.

IMHO, for an extract recipe, the 'boil water added to kettle' should be top of the list, then the loss to grain, then the volume increase from extract, and then the starting boiling volume. Everything after that in the list looks right.
just to add, in the example above, if one adds up 12.2 (what *I* think the 'water into kettle' amount should be), plus the top up amount of 1.2, you get 13.4 which is the total it actually shows. Looks like 12.2 is actually being used in the calculations, but not shown on the display. A tiny bug somewhere methinks
Agreed, this looks weird.

Also I really think it should all be in chronological order, meaning it should go Add water (not boiling water, you shouldn't steep with boiling water), then grain absorption, then each kettle step, then fermenter, then top off, then batch size.

It should be, IMO.

Add 12.2L to kettle
Grain absorption (-0.5)
Volume increase sugar/extract (0.8)
Start boil (12.5)
Boil off (-1.5)
Hop absorption (-0.2)
Post Boil volume (10.8)
Kettle losses (-1)
Fermenter Volume (9.8)
Top off (1.2)
Batch size (11)

Opening a ticket now
And update for this has gone live, thank you for your patience. Let us know know if you're seeing any issues still. @mancdaz @OrbDog