1. M

    Bug in quick water requirements when fermenter is target volume

    Hi, I think there's a bug when selecting the fermenter as the target volume, and then looking at the quick water requirements. It does not appear to be taking into account the grain absorption into the overall total (this is an extract & specialty grains recipe), or 'water into kettle' volumes...
  2. Little Brown Jug Brass

    Feature Request: Log Entry Upload photo(s)

    I'd love to be able to upload pictures when I'm creating/editing log entries for a visual reminder of what was going on.
  3. C

    Feature Tools for The Feature Requests Area

    What may be helpful to the developers and the community at large would be some simple feature request tools. Things such as upvotes or me-also to gauge community priorities. Also some way for you guys (Brewers Friend) to mark something as closed and a short tag like "did it" - "fixed it" -...