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Barth-Haas - Fuggles

Description: "Named after the Kent grower that introduced it in 1875 and revered ever since as the classic aroma hop for British Bitters and Pale Ales, often used in combination with Goldings. Perhaps the most famous and revered of English hops. Fuggle has typical English flavour, frequently blended with Goldings to improve "drinkability" of the beer, and adding roundness and fullness to the palate. This robust hop contributes all the essential characteristics of flavour, aroma and balanced bitterness to ales, particularly as its relatively low alpha acid content requires a high hopping rate to achieve desired bitterness levels. Sometimes used as a distinctive dry hop. Due to low alpha levels, usually used to impart grassy late-hop aroma to Bitters and Pale ales. Fuggles are also suitable for Porters and Stouts where earthy and Hawthorn aromas are evident. May suit certain darker Biére de Garde too. "

Most Used In:

Style Uses Avg. Usage Usage Range
Irish Red Ale774%29% - 100%
American Amber Ale534%25% - 54%