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    Join Date: 06/21/19
    Location: Montreal
    My Brewing:

    ***All recipes will be standardized to BM 10L***
    -Equipment : Speidel Braumeister 10 L, WiFi & Chiller. Speidel Fermenters, 2 12L HDPEs, 2 stainless 15L Speidel Fermenters. 500/750/1000 ml flip bottles, still carb in bottle by choice.
    -Level : Exiting noobish, comfortable brewing/composing, 2 years, many brews as 10L batches. OCD level kitchen experience for 40 years, just graduated in 2018 from BIAB 1 gallon to Braumeister. Read, watched, absorbed, and joined this fine accumulation of information and recipes. Use both BeerSmith (less now) and BrewersFriend to learn recipe design/modification.
    -Goal : I have lived in the Kitchen since age 8. I cook mostly wild meat, seasonal vegetables, and am comfortable with most if not all Italian/French cooking techniques. Can cook easily and fluidly without a specific recipe after reviewing a few for inspiration. Will make a 6 course meal from browsing cookbooks, and the resultant meal will be an organic design during the cooking process. My travels, my hobbies (hunting, gathering, wine), my home are very much around the pleasure of food and drink. Drink, which until now has very much revolved around wine, whiskey, and classic cocktails. My goal in brewing is to be able to brew like I cook, know the smell and taste of the ingredients to be able to compose what I am looking for. I will unlikely be a beer purist, but all for the love of the fermented liquid. At least two brews I wish to complete are not to be drunk as beer : a fall porter for braising moose, a summer wheat beer to be the second half of a white velvet champagne/beer cocktail.

    My Beers:

    -Planned brews on Speidel this summer/fall :
    -Canadian wheat Hoegaarden spin : [x] check brewed 2019-07-07, now bottled. Designing v2 - check brewed, stronger version of HoeG Canadian.
    -Quick 2-Row with wheat/Cascade SMaSH"ish," brewed - bottled [x]
    -Malty bready wheatless blond with Citra ... lemon madeleines
    -Molasses and waffles. Honey malt wheat malt gold ale with Treacle : researching old timey molasses use in NorthEast US, brewed - bottled [x]
    -For GF : Recipe research and design - raspberry witbier, likely raspberry lemon drop / citra, brewed - bottled [x]
    -I hit the occasional SMaSHs to learn the notes of the grains, hops, and yeast.
    -Special Brews planned as a cook / coktailer
    -A VERY pale light citrusy version of my HoeG specifically brewed for silky "White Velvet" : Champagne + Wheatbeer cocktail
    -Porter/stout for braising wild meat, still not decided on flavour profile, will be for Moose / partridge, likely with a malty dark canvas for other flavor additions.

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