Television Series

Watching Dexter, just started season 3
Quirky, and a bit dark, but it is good.
I liked season two when Mike from Better Call Saul made an appearance as an FBI big wig.
Pretty sure that was pre Breaking Bad too
Same here.
Season 2 of Loki was even better than season 1. Love how they brought a decade plus of storylines full circle. Also finished season 2 of Shoresy and season 4 of Star Trek Lower Decks both were great. Lower Decks is incredible with how it blends comedy with real Star Trek stories. The crossover with Strange New Worlds was one of my favorite Trek episodes ever
Cheers is great humor. I havevt watched in a long time but .any times in a bar we make reference to the chairs belonging to someone like on Cheers.
Enjoying a number of series on Apple+ : ted lasso, Shrinking, and Monarch
Borje - The Journey of a Ledgend
The story of legendary Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Borje Salming. The first European player to come and play in the NHL, still ranked 4th all time for points by Leaf (he was a defenceman, and the Leafs have a more than 100 year history). Still 3rd all time in games played, 1st in assists, and was no sweetheart at 3rd all time in Leafs penalty minutes (yeah, he was in a few scraps). He suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in hockey history in Detroit when his face was stepped on (skates be sharp). I remember when he came to the Leafs, and idolized him as a kid.
He passed last year from ALS, just an absolute gentleman, but a warrior too.
RIP Borje, toughest Swede ever.

Currently watching Masters of the Air and started watching Monk