1. JWR_12

    Understanding what I'm shooting for in the mash

    Hi! So I'm a brewer from the early 1990s who fell asleep for thirty years and awoke to an amazing world of information, supplies, and gadgets! Back in the day, I was pretty much exclusively extract brewing. Now I'm starting to do partial mash & building toward all grain. I've been reading...
  2. L

    Help Understanding "Quick Water Requirements"

    Hello fellow brewers, I am a fairly new to the Brewersfriend recipe builder, so any guidance is appreciated here for sure. I have noticed after setting mash thickness in the recipe builder, the calculation is changing quite a bit within the "Quick Water Requirements" section of the recipe...
  3. Mallonee's Malt

    Recipe Builder Mash Type selections: What do they do?

    I'm trying to adapt my new Christmas toy - a BeerMKR into the recipe builder. It's an interesting and clever device but it combines some brewing steps and puts process breakpoints in different places. As nearly as I can model it the mashing step is basically the same as BIAB. It brings water...
  4. Hoptonium

    Multi-step mash reduction

    I would like to try this recipe from Baschbrew: but I use a simple picnic cooler for my mashtun and do a single batch sparge. I've attached the mash guideline for quick reference: Can someone please recommend strike and...
  5. GF Brews

    Re-use mash profile

    I've searched but haven't found anything on this. If there is not currently a way to do it, I'd like to see a way of creating different mash profiles (temps and durations) and then being able to select that profile in the recipe design rather than having to do this from scratch each time. Thanks
  6. Under Deck Brewing

    Mash ph is consistently off: Is it me, or the calculator?

    I have: A calibrated pH meter (reads accurate vs their calibration solutions) Recent water report from Ward Labs Since I've gotten my pH meter and been tracking this, I'm finding that if I add the salts/acids that BF recommends, the final pH is never even close to what the calculator says...
  7. B

    Mash calculations in Brew steps

    When going thru the brew steps the mash section includes 'mash at 151*', and 'add sparge at 178*' - however it doesn't show the appropriate temp of the strike water. After some digging around I found that I can go to the mash calculator section and get the information there, - is there any way...
  8. C

    Water Volume and treatments

    Hey guys, A couple questions as I'm getting ready for brew day. I'm using the northern brewer megapot 8 gallon kettle for this recipe that I copied and I'm using BIAB method. 1. I'm having trouble figuring out my mash water volume from the brew steps. 2. I'm using distilled water and I'm...
  9. B

    Using a “Tempering Wand” for the best control of your strike water temp

    I’ll try to keep this as short and sweet as possible. For the last ten years of homebrewing I’ve been controlling the temperature of my strike water with a flame under a pot. For the last five years of professional brewing I’ve been controlling the strike water with a tempering water valve which...
  10. E

    Mash Calculation entries changing on their own

    I'm trying to adjust my mash water inputs on a recipe, and I'm getting some strange behavior just tabbing from one entry cell to another. My original values are 4 gal Strike water and 5.5 gal Batch Sparge (1st image). I want to update the 5.5 gal batch sparge to 5.9 gal. I type 5.9 and tab...
  11. Christopher Brown


    Any suggestions on how/when to utilize cereal to brew a 1 gallon batch? Local brewing club is having an event to use cereal to brew beer. I’m thinking of making a session IPA with lemon drop hops and somehow utilizing an organic version of Trix (avoiding preservatives). Should I add it to the...
  12. Michael_biab

    Mash out and BIAB

    Is a mash out (raising mash to 168 deg F or 170 deg F) really necessary when brewing via BIAB technique (Brew In a Bag)? I worry about the risk of burning my bag after having read others with this problem since the bottom of the pot is getting way hotter than that. It's also another process...
  13. KenK

    Final gravity

    All other things being equal, does mashing at a higher temperature (e.g., 160f/71c vs 145f/63c) result in a higher final gravity? And does this higher FG generally result in a slightly sweeter beer?
  14. BenMyton

    Mash Chemistry Calculator - Update Recipe

    Hey BF Team, It would be awesome if the additions that I selected/tweaked in a linked Mash Chemistry page would push back into the recipe I was editing as "Other Ingredients"! That would save the additions for future brews without having to load into the calculator, it would print them onto...
  15. C

    Egg Drop soup in my wort?

    Hello fellos, I brewed 2 Belgian beers the other day. Towards me middle of the process I noticed the word talent a straining looking substance inside of it. Similar to egg drop soup. I batch sparge single with Fusion batch sparge . Strike water was 164 and I hit about 150 for the man for 1 hour...
  16. Thurston Brewer


    I gather from what I've read that a refractometer is essentially a replacement for a hydrometer, right? Just an alternate method of measuring specific gravity? What would be the benefits/downsides of going refracto vs. a hydro (other than the obviously higher cost of the former)?