all grain

  1. cacsmret

    20 year gap between Extract & All grain

    Hello all! Jumping back in to brewing after a 20 year hiatus. After doing extract brewing in the past, I've always wanted to go with a conical fermenter and finally decided on black Friday to take the plunge. Going to try all grain electric brewing with Brewzilla and a SS Brewtech 7 gal...
  2. Michael_biab

    Conversion efficiency advice needed!

    Hi there! I've been brewing all grain BIAB for 3 or so years now, about 27 batches documented in Brewer's Friend. I'm looking at my efficiency numbers (conversion, but also brew house) and they are all over the board. They range from a low of 49% to a high of 88% with an average of 65. The...
  3. Marz

    How many BF brews have you done?

    I am interested to hear from the veterans of BF as well as new comers. How many brews have you done in Brewers Friend? What is your favorite brew you have done to date? Do you generally prefer: All-grain, Extract, Partial or BIAB? Why?
  4. B

    Hardcore IPA clone (1 Gallon)

    Hi guys, I'm planning a Hardcore IPA clone using a scaled recipe from Brewdog's DIY DOG. Firstly, i'd like to proof my recipe before plowing head, so if anyone with some good knowledge on small batch DIPA's could tell me if this is gonna work or not - very much appreciated! Im trying to work out...
  5. Sunfire96

    Want to change my mash/sparge setup for small batches

    Hello, I'm very new to brewing with 2 completed brews under my belt, both one gallon all-grain recipes. I would like to mash and brew in the same kettle, but was wondering if I could use several small grain bags for my mash (I don't want to commit to BIAB due to low efficiency). If I have...
  6. Brewer #302806

    Any thoughts on my first recipe. IPA

    Shohola Peregrine Falcon Created Thursday February 13th 2020 Brewer #302806 Method: All GrainStyle: American Pale AleBoil Time: 60 minBatch Size: 5.5 gallons (fermentor volume) Pre Boil Size: 6.5 gallonsPost Boil Size: 4.5 gallonsPre Boil Gravity: 1.060 (recipe based estimate)Efficiency: 75%...
  7. N

    BIAB water calculations

    Hi, I'm new to homebrewing and am mostly trying to figure it out on my own. There's so much differing information online, and most of it is imperial units, which makes it harder for me to follow. I've already made two BIAB batches, an IPA and an APA, both of which turned out surprisingly well...
  8. Christopher Brown

    Brewing Water Adjustments

    Hey guys! I've been brewing for just about two years but have been doing BIAB. I finally purchased the equipment to go full all-grain and fly sparge. When I brewed BIAB I had added my minerals to the entire volume of water to get the proper pH. What I'm confused with is how many minerals to add...
  9. AllgrainJock

    1 Gallon BIAB All grain filtering

    Hi All Im new to all grain brewing, have done a bit of 5 Gallon Extract in the past but far prefer the new found Challenge of recreating some lovely craft beers. I live in A tower block flat in Scotland, anybody aware oh these will also be aware there is nae space for much, also the electric...
  10. Christopher Brown

    BIAB Issues

    So I brewed my first all grain BIAB today. Everything beautifully, until i went to cool my wort. I bought a stainless steel immersion chiller and it took 45 minutes to go from boiling to 70. I had to stir with the chiller which cause my wort to become super muddy, clogging up my bazooka filter...
  11. R

    All-grain Noob

    Whats up guys, I've been brewing for about a year doing extract stuff and occasionally adding a bit of grain to my brews. It's time I graduated to my first all grain brew and I was just wondering if anyone knew of some less complicated recipes or methods to ease myself into it until i get the...
  12. Juddlight

    Zombie dust

    Gonna brew this recipe today after work, would love to hear about anyones experience with this recipe. One question about the dry hop. Is it for 7 days at pitching? Or 7 days before bottling?
  13. A

    Cherry Coffee Imperial Stout Feedback Request

    I put this together based on some recipes I saw online and some things that have worked for me. 11 lb 2 row 3 lb dark Munich 8 oz carastan 8 oz crystal 90 8 oz chocolate malt 8 oz brown malt 5 oz roasted barley 8 oz flaked oats Mash 60 min at 155 1.5 oz northern brewer 60 minutes .5 oz...