Two babies...

Hey guys,
Know I haven't been around on here for a bit. Things have been crazy. Wife lost her job, my job has been crazy. Then my wife has been in the hospital the past couple weeks with multiple issues that seem to all be either a result of or complicated by the pregnancy. She was supposed to go home today but they diagnosed her with a rare form of pre-eclampsia that doesn't present the normal symptoms or they might have caught it sooner. They're performing a C section this afternoon, we're just waiting now. The babies are at 34 weeks. They're both over 5 pounds so they may be ok but there's a chance they'll need time in the NICU. Would appreciate any prayers or positive energy you can send our way.
Sending prayers & positive energy now to you, your wife and the twins! :) :) :):)
All the best to you, your wife and kids as you navigate through these challenges.
Introducing Ruby and Hunter

Ruby was breathing on her own but has been put on a CPAP machine. Hunter's breathing was labored and he's on a breathing tube. Ruby was 5 pounds 8oz. Hunter is just over 5 but they were a little busy with him so I don't have an official weight. Also the computer system is down so they're having to try to record everything on paper and you can tell it's a struggle.
They're beautiful, Steve! Congratulations :) I hope you and missus get some restful sleep at the hospital before they turn you loose with those two :D
I hope it’s going better. You and your wife are in a tough spot. Our first was in ICU for 5 days after being born with 2 collapsed lungs. It sucked. I’m sure everything will turn out, it just tough right now.
Congratulations Steve, and hoping everyone does well.