Two babies...

Hey Steve, at least you're not this guy :D:
I got her to agree, maybe I should get it in writing, that as long as we get two happy healthy babies that we're done. Even if it means we end up with all boys (which I honestly wouldn't hate)

3 is definitely enough! My BIL and SIL have 4 girls...6, 4, 2 and 9 is pandemonium at their house!
Two is a good number. One is too small. Three is ok too, four is a lot and any more, well, yer just askin for it...

On the other hand, more kids to support you when you get old is not terrible. Cheaper by the dozen and all that.
Ah, so "twins, one of each".

Good thing it's not triplets...:rolleyes:
Woohoo sleepless nights poonarmies everywhere:eek:. Brace yourself you can do this :D!!
Enjoy the moment man now I know what people mean they grow so QUICK...
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Congratulations buddy!
Dude! I just go home from vacation! Congrats brother!