Two babies...


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Jul 5, 2020
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The other New York
So thought I'd share some personal news. So me and my wife have been trying for our second child for about a year, our son turned 2 back in April. So we had a bit harder time this time around, they put her on some medications and after a few months we were excited to discover she was pregnant. Then she went for her first ultra-sound...
I was at work and checked my phone and saw I had like 3 missed calls and a bunch of texts so I called her fearing something was wrong...
There are two babies....
Two of them...
We were in shock for like a week, she would just all the sudden mumble "two babies" out of nowhere. We're ofcourse excited but are a bit more stressed than when we thought it was just one. Need to find a new place to live which we knew anyways but now we need to upgrade to a larger vehicle sooner than expected. It's definitely going to be an adventure but I think we'll make it:D
But yeah if you've wondered why I've mentioned in a few threads that come November I'm going to have to scale back my brewing for a while that's why. I'm just really hoping I can find the time to stay somewhat engaged in this hobby and not have to give it up
Congratulations to you and your family! That’s awesome news. It will all work itself out.

You’ll have yourself a full line change. ;)
This is awesome news buddy! So make a deal with mamma. Once you are through the first 3-6 months, maybe brew once a month just to keep it going. You will obviously need to take a break when the little urchins burst into the world as you will have your hands full with three under the age of three. I never had twins, but we always had time to do things when raising our kids, we slept, cooked food, cut the grass, and did the laundry and all that stuff, but we also had time for a lot of other things once routines set in.

I wish you the best of luck buddy!
Congratulations from a surprised twin dad (now the twins are 1.5 and my oldest is turning 5 in August). Two is definitely tough not going to lie but there are benefits to brewing like for instance brew in the morning, set up the high chairs where you brew and bring them along for the ride. Mom gets a break and the twins are occupied by new sounds and smells. That’s what I did at least when they were babies for 2-3 brews. Play some music, bring some toys and everyone is happy.

I will admit, I took a a full year hiatus due to the fact the misses had to spend 5 weeks in the hospital pre-birth due to one of the twins having a cord issue and then finally got my first brew in right before they turned 1. Either way, congratulations and think about the positives, when their older you’ll have more sets of hands to help! My 5 year old pours grain into the mill, stirs the mash and pitches yeast.

Congrats again!
Congratulations to you and your family. Brewing with newborns in the house can be challenging time wise, but there's nothing wrong with doing a few extract brews to keep the pipeline full.
Congratulations to you and your family. Brewing with newborns in the house can be challenging time wise, but there's nothing wrong with doing a few extract brews to keep the pipeline full.
Yeah I'm planning to go back to extract but hopefully not for too, too long. The short brew days will be nice though
Congratulations Steve. My sincere hope is that they are both healthy. I think this is going to be fun, and years from now you'll be quite satisfied with how it all went.

Yeah, you just might need to focus on other things a bit, but you will still have bits of discretionary time... use them wisely.

Good luck!
Oh, do people love photos of twins! Babies in general are highly sought after by society but twins is a whole new level!
Holy shit dude! That's awesome!
Fantastic news Steve!! Congratulations!