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Jul 16, 2012
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If you look through the GABF winner's list under Historical Beers you'll find Hilltopper's Pride Kentucky Common took silver. That's my collaboration brew with Ironworks. I'm having a bit of a problem believing I have a winner at GABF.

Yooper, how do I claim trophy points for that?
I was there, but I missed tasting your beer! (Damn it!) I was in the Pro-Am as well, but no such luck as you. Congrats! That’s a big deal.

Al Boyce was one of the judges for Pro-Am and he said the Pro-Am competition this was really tight. A lot of good beers all the way around. He made the comment that Pro-Am beers were better than the pro entries overall.

Your kind of a big deal.
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Well done, fella. I'll have a beer to celebrate...ok I was going to have a beer anyway, but that's not the point. Congrats.
Wow! Quite an honor sir!
Here's to you!! Clink, glue glug
Congrats! when are you shipping it to Germany? :p
first congrats I missed this one,here ya go
Ah, thought that one was for winning competitions! Ooops.

Gledison, I wish I could bring you one (assuming there were any still in existence - I brewed the homebrew version in April). Work used to take me to Germany quite often, now not so much. If the opportunity arises, you'll have to let me know where you are. Work is in Frankfurt.

All: Thanks. The conversations and questions in this forum really sharpen my thinking about beer and sometimes, I have to learn something I didn't to provide a coherent answer. I stopped by Ironworks today and had the beer - the real complements are to the brewer there. I helped brew it but he did the big work of translating my recipe into something that worked on his system. We had to adjust IBUs on the fly - his software gave him different results than I got so we went out, poured beers and decided about how bitter it should be. In the end, he managed the fermentation, kept the beer in the bright tank until it was clear and got it to the competition. And the results are far superior to mine. Mine was a good beer, Wade made it magnificent.

And he's having me a duplicate medal made. Guess I'll have to replace the picture....
It wasn't a pro-am. I co-brewed the beer with Ironworks.
Oh, that makes more sense. I had thought it was Pro-Am. It's a win none the less. Good for you.

They had one in the Pro-Am too. I Just figured that was yours.
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Have you shared the recipe or plan on making it public?
Well done !! Still trying to get bosses small brewery finished off and try getting my house rye xpa scaled up to a 10 bbl batch without ruining it