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Feb 24, 2021 at 3:31 PM
    1. AGbrewer
      Not sure how to PM, is this it?
      1. J A
        J A
        Yeah... what part of town are you in? Are you in a club or group?
        John Allison 512-461-2109
        btw...there are there's a young man in town with the same name who's also involved in brewing. Don't be confused. I'm the old fart that's more into homebrewing and he's a younger dude who works at a brewery. :)
        Oct 2, 2019
      2. AGbrewer
        Tried to text you a couple weeks ago, but no response. Maybe the wrong number. Anyways, I'm in Georgetown, but drive to South Austin every day. Let's try to get together for a beer at some point in November. I attended the Texas carboy brew club one time. It was pretty cool, really enjoyed it. I haven't joined yet just because things are so hectic with my life it's hard to commit to anything.
        Oct 20, 2019
      3. J A
        J A
        Man, I'm sorry! I got your text and meant to get back to you right away and then got busy and forgot about it. :(
        Let's definitely find a time to meet up. Let me know what your schedule is and what beer destinations are near your accustomed route. My work schedule has been pretty tight lately, but I'm pretty flexible and can cut loose some late afternoon or whenever it works out.
        Thanks for rattling my cage! :)
        Oct 21, 2019
    2. headshaker
      Howdy I'm from houston.
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      2. J A
        J A
        Give me a heads up...we'll see if we can share a brew.
        Dec 16, 2016
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      3. headshaker
        I can make time. What part of town do you stay in.
        Dec 22, 2016
      4. J A
        J A
        I'm in the Oak Hill area.
        Dec 25, 2016
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