1. J

    Use harvested yeast

    Hello, It's the first time I try that and it really just is because I'm curious. I might also not use it at all and pitch with another pack of dry yeast. I'm doing it with an harvested verdant IPA (I know it doesn't really make sense with dry yeast). My biggest question is the quantity but I...
  2. P

    Brewing disaster

    Hey all, This has got 2 parts the first is just an interesting problem and the second is a disaster. I brewed a Kolsch yesterday and ended with an OG of 1.060, so I used the calculator and it said to add 11.2L to the 45L I had, so I pitched the yeast and then went through the process of...
  3. CoFlyGuy

    Small Batch Yeast

    When I am brewing a very small batch of beer I am wondering how to figure out the quantity of yeast to produce 20 Billion cells. My current recipe is call for White Labs California Ale WL001. I am having fun working on recipes and learning about building recipes. I am going to do a series of...
  4. Donoroto

    Yeast Starter: how little is too little?

    I recently received a few packets of Crossmyloof yeast from my friend @AHarper but one (the Belgian, which unfortunately is the most interesting to me) had somehow been slit open and spilled. Our friends at Royal Mail re-wrapped it in a plastic bag, and some of those yeast 'pellets' made it over...
  5. L

    Yeast slurry density

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this field and I'm struggling to find out the density of a sample of cropped yeast before being diluted and stored in the yeast storage vessel. I weighted a graded cylinder of 1000 mL with cropped yeast slurry and I obtained a density of 0.5 g/mL, but I think the CO2 in...
  6. F

    Pitch old yeast with new?

    I have a new packet of yeast which I intend to use for the next brew but I also have a packet of the same yeast which is 2 years past its use by date. Should I put that in with the new one?
  7. 5

    Benefits of Liquid Yeast?

    Home brewing for nearly 1 year ~ 1 a month, so still consider myself a newbie From what I understand, dry yeast is easier to use (just pitch) vs. liquid (needing a starter - though even that looks debated) So silly question - What are the benefits of using a liquid yeast. Throwing some...
  8. RalphK

    No yeast activity

    So I had a good brew day and pitched the dry yeast at about 21 celsius. It is now 26 hours later and there is no activity. I used an American West Coast Ale yeast. Unfortunately I do not know which brand as the homebrew store I bought it from had repackaged it in a vacuum sealed package. I have...
  9. FPMBomb

    Please add Lalbrew Voss Kviek Ale Yeast

    here is a link to the technical data sheet...
  10. divoc 91

    Top Cropping yeast harvesting and storage?

    I brewed a Basic German wheat beer using WLP300, as I noticed the Krausen like no other I have seen before I decided to Harvest about 3-400 ML of what appears to be pure yeast. I filled a quart jar with pure creamy Krausen from my Fermoster. I added sterile water and put in fridge for 24 hours...
  11. C

    Small batch yeast

    I really wish yeast companies could package yeast for small batches. 1 to 3 gallons. Would love to use imperial yeast on a 1 gallon batch but don’t want to waste a ton of yeast. Random thought A yeast sample pack would be cool. ‘Our type 5 yeast strains for 1 gallon batches’
  12. R

    Add dry yeast in grams

    Hi! I brew pretty small (5/10 liters), so I do not use the whole package. Is it possible to add the yeast in grams, so I can keep better track of my inventory? The calculation should be doable too ;)
  13. T

    How many cells in dry yeast packet?

    I have a packet of SafLager S-189 from Fermentis and I'm trying to figure out how many sells are in it. The packet is 11.5 gram and the expiration date is 04/2021 (which, I think, means it's 14 months old, as Fermentis gives their dry yeast a 36 months stated shelf life). Reading BeerSmith's...
  14. xayz110

    brewing beer with wine yeast?

    Is there any information or article on brewing beer with wine yeast?:p
  15. J

    Conditioning fruit while fermenting with Voss Kveik yeast???

    Hey gals & gents, So my question deals with conditioning fruit while utilizing the high-temperature tolerant Voss Kveik yeast. I will be primary fermenting my 2 gallon batch of APA with Voss Kveik at around 85 degrees. After dry hopping, I will split the primary into two seperate, smaller...
  16. Christopher Brown

    Is harvesting and washing yeast really worth the effort?

    It doesn’t seem worth the time. I feel like buying new yeast may be expensive but more convenient.
  17. Christopher Brown

    Is This Normal?

    Just pitched yeast under 12 hours ago but I’ve never seen this type of look before underneath the krausen.
  18. Christopher Brown

    Saison Temps

    Is there a real benefit of fermenting saisons at a higher temp (high 70s to low 80s) as opposed to sticking within the 68-72 range?
  19. Christopher Brown

    "How to Brew" Yeast Starter Recipe is WRONG!

    I'm halfway through reading John Palmer's book "How to Brew". Decided to make my first yeast starter last night follow the starter wort recipe listed in his book, which is 1/2 cup DME to 2 cups of H20. I ended up getting a 1.090 gravity wort. I had to water it down and reboil, had a boil over...
  20. BilltownBrewingCo

    "Nordic Princess" Raspberry Wheat

    Hello all. I am in the fermentation stage with this beer, despite not having a ton of info on Voss Kveik and the flavors it imparts in wheat beers. I also have not brewed with Raspberries in the past, and would like some advice. Just a bit about brew day- We hit our OG right on the button at...