water profile

  1. Christopher Brown

    Brewing Water Adjustments

    Hey guys! I've been brewing for just about two years but have been doing BIAB. I finally purchased the equipment to go full all-grain and fly sparge. When I brewed BIAB I had added my minerals to the entire volume of water to get the proper pH. What I'm confused with is how many minerals to add...
  2. UnComfortablyNumb

    Brew session does not show correct source water profile in water chemistry tab

    It also doesn't list the correct water profile as an option: From recipe page: From brew session water chemistry tab:
  3. Brewer #67600

    water calculator doesn't match overall water profile in recipe

    Hi All, Apologies if this is old news but why is it that my linked water profile and adjustments overall water report is completely different from that shown in my recipe? Screen shot included This makes absolutely no sense to me when they are linked and based on each other. Which one should...
  4. kaspar&piet

    Water treatment, NEIPA

    Hi, my beers have been fine so far and my next step is to start treating my water. The goal for my NEIPA is to lower sulfate and get more chloride since I was not happy with the mouthfeel and the hop bitterness was a bit harsh. I'm trying this by diluting with 10 l of distilled water (for...
  5. J

    Searchable, linkable and taggable water reports

    It would be great if you could tag your water profiles and also tag them with country and region. As a logged in user I would like to be able to tag a water profile with a city, perhaps from a list like this: https://github.com/lutangar/cities.json And on the public web it would be neat if you...
  6. Medarius

    Weiss beer water profile?

    Greeting all, Have spent the last 2 hours searching and reading about water profiles and additions. I am planning on using R/O water for next batch of weiss beer and am having trouble finding a target profile for hefe/ weiss beers. I have seen alot for pilsners and stouts but not one that gives...
  7. tamparob

    Water Quality Report Question

    Greetings everyone, I am trying to understand a water report my county has sent me. I live in the south Tampa area. The water report I received is attached. I am having a problem figuring out the Alkalinity total. The calculator says "check range". There are a few other measurements...
  8. Thurston Brewer

    Advice on Water Testing

    I have tested my water source for total hardness (soft), but how do I get the specific measurements of individual minerals needed for an accurate water profile? I'm not using municipal water so I can't get a gov't report... I need some way to test my specific water - short of paying a mint for...