1. Hoptonium

    Forced carbonation ballet

    I am on a short schedule for my next brew that is currently in the fermenter. For this one I will dry hop in the keg with a hop-sock and use a floating dip-tube. Because of the tight time schedule my plan is to use the ol' overpressure the keg and roll it / shake it around for a while. My...
  2. madmace

    How Long is Too Long?

    Since all this BS has started about the corona virus, I have had to give up my Keezer for more freezer space for the house.I just finished coldcrashing my ale for two days at 37f .My ? is if I have the keg sanitized and purged of all o2,with co2 that is how long should that be good if left at...
  3. Huff

    Gravity went UP during secondary fermentation??

    Hi Folks, So it seems like my hydrometer reading when I racked from primary to secondary read 1.011 and then from secondary to keg my reading was like 1.013 or so. Is this possible? I can safely say in 5-6 years of homebrewing this has never happened to me. Seems like this wouldn't be...
  4. Anth M

    2 kegs, 1 tank - am I doing it wrong?

    G'day brewers, I have 2 kegs in a commercial kegerator (1 beer, 1 soda water). They are fed by 1 gas tank via a tee piece. I don't force carb the beer - I just set and forget it at 10-12 psi. However I force carb the water at 40 psi but when I do this I disconnect the beer gas line. I've...
  5. Anth M

    First time kegger - flat foamy beer - NOOOooooooooo!!

    G'day brewers, I've got a problem with flat foamy keg beer. It's my first go at kegging and I did a lot of research (thanks YouTube). In short I made a kegerator out of a small fridge. 1 regulator, tee piece, 2 kegs and CO2 tank in the fridge, taps on the door (1 beer, 1 soda water). Here's my...
  6. hfr16

    New conical fermentor

    I am a new brewer and still an extract brewer. I just completed fermentation for the first time in my new conical. It started with 5 gal. 2 days after pitching yeast, I purged the trub. After a full 12 days later moving it to the keg, it appears I did not purge enough and ended up with only...
  7. B

    Kegging Problems

    I'm a beginner brewer trying to set up a kegging system. I purchased a used kegerator with pony keg and d system coupler. I managed to get the keg tap removed for sanitizing. Put it back together but ran into some problems siphoning 5 gal of wort into the tank. After removing check valves in gas...
  8. plank

    Aerating wort in Corny Keg

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been covered in here already, just couldn't find a thread... I'm looking for a good way to aerate wort once it's in my Corny Keg (used as primary fermenter). Currently I run the cooled wort from my kettle, through a short tube into a double-mesh strainer, and into...
  9. Brew'Bass'n'Q

    Foamy Keg, flat Beer

    Need some help. I have looked around many places for answers and still can't seem to figure out what my issue is. I made a red ipa and force carbonated it in a 5 gallon keg. 3 days later I checked it and still seemed pretty flat in carb levels. Came out pretty foamy. I put the keg back up to 30...