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    I'm a beginner brewer trying to set up a kegging system. I purchased a used kegerator with pony keg and d system coupler. I managed to get the keg tap removed for sanitizing. Put it back together but ran into some problems siphoning 5 gal of wort into the tank. After removing check valves in gas and fluid outlets on the coupler, I began siphoning. Very slow to go in keg, like the coupler wasn't opening the keg enough. I got the wort keg and pressurized the tank, but nothing is coming out when I open the beer tapper. Coud it be that coupler is not seated deeply enough to fully open the valve in the keg? In reassembling the keg I had trouble getting the retaining washer in. Now its really hard to get the retainer back out to check the seeting of the tap... its a bit of a mess. A couple questions:
    -is there someone local I can take the keg to in order to check the seating of the coupler, or repair as needed?
    -what kind of keg and coupler is best for home brewing to simplify sanitizing and siphoning?

    Your suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Not much help, but I think most brewers use the ball or pin lock Cornelius kegs. There's a big lid you can take off, so there's no coupler or anything to worry about when filling it. Just put the hose in and siphon
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