1. Brother Ryan

    Kegerator and Tap handle Photos

    Let's see your awesome kegeratora and tap handles. Here is my home 'razors. The Tap handles are Hand carved Tahiti nutcrackers. I have a dual regulator so I plan on putting club soda on tap or some other beverage.
  2. L

    Are kegerators worth the $500?

    So I'm looking into buying a kegerator amazon for a 1/6 keg. Was wondering if it's worth the money or should I convert a small fridge? AND Are kegerators worth the $500?
  3. Anth M

    2 kegs, 1 tank - am I doing it wrong?

    G'day brewers, I have 2 kegs in a commercial kegerator (1 beer, 1 soda water). They are fed by 1 gas tank via a tee piece. I don't force carb the beer - I just set and forget it at 10-12 psi. However I force carb the water at 40 psi but when I do this I disconnect the beer gas line. I've...
  4. Anth M

    First time kegger - flat foamy beer - NOOOooooooooo!!

    G'day brewers, I've got a problem with flat foamy keg beer. It's my first go at kegging and I did a lot of research (thanks YouTube). In short I made a kegerator out of a small fridge. 1 regulator, tee piece, 2 kegs and CO2 tank in the fridge, taps on the door (1 beer, 1 soda water). Here's my...
  5. vthokiedsp

    Tip for Mounting Regulators

    I see a fair number of posts asking how best to mount regulators within a traditional kegerator. Typical responses usually consist of cautionary tales of being sure of drilling locations and finding out where the coolant lines run, etc etc. Well, I'm happy to share that you don't need to...
  6. M

    Beer dispensing

    I have a kegerator sitting next to a wall. I would like to pass a beer line through the wall to the next room. The wall itself is 6 inch thick. If I get a line straight from the tower to the faucet in the next room, it would only add less than two feet of line. I want to try the line without...
  7. Brew'Bass'n'Q

    Foamy Keg, flat Beer

    Need some help. I have looked around many places for answers and still can't seem to figure out what my issue is. I made a red ipa and force carbonated it in a 5 gallon keg. 3 days later I checked it and still seemed pretty flat in carb levels. Came out pretty foamy. I put the keg back up to 30...