1. T

    IBUs stuck at zero ?

    I'm pretty sure 8oz of Centennial boiled for 60 minutes should have a non-zero IBU
  2. naDinMN

    Opinions on mIBU scale vs. Rager/Tinseth/etc.

    I've never used it before, but it seems to make more sense than the others. Your thoughts?
  3. Kosh

    2.5 gallon no boil late addition. recipe editor

    Hi, trying to do recipes using the Boil the hops, not the Malt Extract! method found at: https://www.baderbrewing.com/content/boil-hops Can I do this with the recipe software on this site? Doing 2.5 gal extract batches, so need to make pre boil about half whats suggested in article. I would...
  4. B

    IBU calculation rounding issues when using grams

    There seems to be an issue when adding hops to a recipe in the recipe builder and using grams as the unit. It looks like there's some rounding issue as incrementing the number of grams only seems to update the IBU for that addition (and the whole recipe) after a few grams rather than linearly...
  5. J

    Having issues figuring out my IBUs and utilization of hops for my recipe...

    Recipe: https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/717924/new-england-ipa Calculator: https://www.brewersfriend.com/ibu-calculator/ Good evening all, So I created a recipe for a strawberry NEIPA that my friends and I will brew during Thanksgiving. The problem that I am having is...
  6. N

    Hop utilization weirdness

    Hi there! Just today I noticed some new odd behavior in the hop bill section of the recipe builder. Starting temp times for all additions are now defaulting to 212C, and my dry hop additions are suddenly showing a utilization of 0.070, where before they were 0. Even if I manually enter in 0% in...
  7. Xendelaar

    which SG to use to determine balanced IBU for a tripel

    I’m trying to make a Duvel Citra clone. This is a Belgian strong ale/ Tripel. I’m planning to use: - 9 lb of pilsner malt - 1,8 lb of sugar According to the SG to IBU chart, I “should” aim for an IBU of approximately 37-45 IBU with my current SG of 1.085. I was wondering though.. since a...
  8. Dana Pellerin

    Boil Size effect on IBU

    I have an extract recipe and currently the boil size is set to 3 gallons, and the resulting IBU calculation is about 70 IBU. I was thinking about doing a full boil of about 7 gallons, but changing that parameter increases the IBU to 120. Can somebody explain why boiling more water (with no...
  9. FBorrego

    Hop Utilization formula: maybe too high ?

    Hi BF Forum! Im debating with my friend about the IBU, specially Tinseth formula, from Brewers Friend. There's a lot of variation, i know, but Brewer's Friend seems to be the higher IBU number comparing to most sources. Since the base formula is simple, AAU basically equal, so the "problem"...