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Yakima Valley Hops - AU Ella

Description: "Previously named Stella, Ella™ is the little sister of the Australian superstar Galaxy™. Ella and Galaxy™ share the same mother, but Ella's father is a variety from Spalt, Germany. This parentage gives Ella a pleasant floral aroma that is backed by soft spice. These qualities work best in lagers and pilsners, but Ella can be incorporated into Pale Ales and IPA during dry-hopping. This will preserve some of the lighter oils that are more fruity and tropical like in Galaxy™. "

Most Used In:

Style Uses Avg. Usage Usage Range
Specialty IPA: New England IPA632%18% - 72%
No Profile Selected619%3% - 100%
American IPA257%14% - 100%
American IPA232%32% - 32%
Blonde Ale220%20% - 20%
Blonde Ale1100%100% - 100%
Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)117%17% - 17%
Trappist Single152%52% - 52%
Specialty IPA: Belgian IPA129%29% - 29%
American Pale Ale1100%100% - 100%
Australian Sparkling Ale150%50% - 50%
American Amber Ale143%43% - 43%
Double IPA120%20% - 20%
Weissbier1100%100% - 100%
Special/Best/Premium Bitter143%43% - 43%
Mixed-Style Beer132%32% - 32%
Saison129%29% - 29%