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    Join Date: 08/14/15
    Location: Delaware
    My Brewing:

    I started homebrewing after college when I landed my first job in the Biochemistry field. I found at my current place of employment that most of my co-workers were big into homebrewing. I found it a fun and relaxing hobby that friends and family can appreciate with you.

    I first started the same way "we" all do with a $100 homebrew kit using a stove top pot and extract kits. It took maybe 3 - 4 tries before I finally made a somewhat drinkable product. I found that extract kit instructions are incomplete and usually wind up with dirty carbonated water beer every time.

    I moved a way from extract brewing when I joined a co-workers brew session and witnessed all-grain brewing for the first time. I was there through the whole process and tasted the result. "I had to switch to all grain" I thought to myself. That year I purchased a grain crusher, some extra buckets and brewing equipment, a two stage 10 gal mashtun, and an old 1/2 keg I had modified to be my keggle". I also had a immersion wort chiller constructed for me.

    Somewhere along the lines of my switch from extract to all grain, I managed to get a kegerator and set it up with cornelius kegs for homebrew. I now have 4 cornelius kegs to rotate in and out of the kegerator. The kegerator will hold two at a time.

    I've now been brewing homebrews for 7 years and plan to till the end of time. Maybe i'll take my biochemistry career into the world of commercial brewing one day.

    My Beers:

    Get your *ss to Marzen - Oktoberfest style ale
    King Henry's Cream Ale (a modified version of Stikks cream ale) - cream ale
    Henry's Chocolate Milk stout - chocolate cream stout
    Sierra Nevada dry-hopped clone - pale ale
    Magic Hat #7 clone - pale ale

    Im all for trying new recipes, I mainly work with ales because Im not setup to do cold conditioning.