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Been a rough season but I think this might finally have been the game where the Sabres get back on trackView attachment 27763
Wouldn't the Sabres have had to "be on track" in order to get "back on track"?

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The World Junior Hockey Championship starts the day after Christmas every year, this year it is in Seeden. It is such a great tournament to watch, so many of the players have been drafted by NHL teams. Some players have been to an NHL training camp, and some have even played in a few NHL games. The best young hockey players in the world all in one place. I am currently watching USA vs Switzerland, which is not even fair really. With one minute to go in the 1st period it is 5-1 for the US. There are two pools in the tournament, USA is the heavy favorite in theirs, and Canada is the heavy favorite in their pool. The other strong teams in the tournament are Sweden, Finland, and Czecia. Slovakia is a bit of a surprise so far at 2-0, and Germany is off to a good start winning their first game.
This tournament is a huge event to follow here in Canada, but doesn't get a lot of attention elsewhere. It is played in Canada a lot now as there is advertising $$ and lots of butts in seats watching to financially support it.. When it is held in the US it is normally in a border town/city to get the draw of the Canadian fans coming g across to watch.
Nothing would be finer, for me, than a CDN/USA gold medal game, but you just never know!
Oh my! Overtime in Pasedina!
C'mon BLUE!
Coffee is tasting extra good this morning!
Go Fins, and or, Go Titans!
Souvineer towel from our pre covid trip to Nashville.
Lawrence is having a bad day at the office...
@The Brew Mentor @Craigerrr all four teams in he division with a winning record. Nice to have a rivalry like this. Next year.. Who Dey!
We will have to try and plan a trip to Cleveland when either the Bengals or the Steelers are there!
Of course the scheduling gods will have to cooperate, we will be going to Cleveland, probably in October, or early November.
My two favorite teams (Green Bay Packers & Pittsburgh Steelers) are both 7 seeds and facing #2 seeds next Sunday. I have hopes but, I'm not oblivious to chances.
Finger heart
Being a Big 10 guy I was happy for the team and the conference. I also have two good friends who are Michigan alums. Now, it will be interesting to see what punishment the NCAA doles out. I think the win makes the decision that much more difficult.