Who do you cheer for?


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Mar 14, 2018
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Who is, are your team(s)?
What is your sport?
This is an international site, so there should be very diverse responses, looking forward to hearing from the four corners!

Toronto Maple Leafs - NHL
I grew up on Hockey, and am a died in the wool Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Even though I am 57, I do not remember the last Stanley Cup win in 1967, I was 5. This is a very exciting time to be a Leaf fan, they are a very exciting team to watch right now.

Pittsburgh Steelers - NFL
I have always been a fan of NFL football, but only pledged allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers after their 2008 Superbowl win. I was cheering for them that day, and have been all in since. I have seen them in Pittsburgh twice, in Buffalo once, and once in Detroit as well.

Toronto Blue Jays - MLB
Since their inception in 1977 I have been a fan, their two World Series wins in 92&93 were very exciting times. Since then there has not been much to be excited about, but they are my MLB team.

The rest...
Toronto Raptors - NBA
Toronto FC - MLS
Michigan Wolverines - US College Football
I don't watch professional sports, the only team I cheer for is my oldest son's water polo team, Montreal Machine Water Polo. They won bronze at last season's national competition.
Kansas City Chiefs
St. Louis Cardinals
Missouri Tigers
Oklahoma University
St Louis Blues
Not so big into sports as I used to be back a few years but if you've heard of Rugby League different to rugby Union by a bit.
My team is North Queensland Cowboys thryve only in last 10 years joined the comp and have come away with a premiership win 2 years back against my 2nd fav them Brisbane Broncos.

Love Cricket but Aussies arnt at top of their game atm because we lost two key players due to cheating against the South Africans ball tampering... nawtee nawtee

Don't mind watching the Tennis with the Australian open on in Melbourne again it's tennis time again hopefully we can make a semi final :rolleyes:.
Not a tennis fan but apparently all 4 Canadians in the tourney won their matches yesterday:)
One sport person, anniversary gift from wife each year is NHL package so I can see every game. Penguins are my team but Ive watched every Leafs game for last couple of years, Matthews , Marner and now Tavares make them so much fun to watch.

University of Montana Football
Go to a couple of the Griz games every year.
They are loud and fun and the tailgaiting is a kick.

We also keep up with Gonzaga basketball
GU in Spokane WA
Looking for final four action this year, fingers crossed.

I like Green Bay
She likes the Cowboys
But don't watch pro as much anymore. Spoiled brats with to much money.
I desperately want to cheer for the Edmonton Oilers again but it's like watching a tire fire implode.
CFL - Eskimos I guess
Premier League would be Arsenal, just cause I think the jersey's are cool.

I'm more a play sports than watch sports person.
Broncos were a dumpster fire this year. Rockies made it into the NL West playoffs and almost as quickly, out of them. Nuggets are doing pretty well, as are the Avalanche. But I'm the fairest of fair-weather fans, I think I watched the last four minutes of the Broncos' last Superbowl.
Not a tennis fan but apparently all 4 Canadians in the tourney won their matches yesterday:)
I see your Canadian Man won his match yesterday In the Aus open here. What's his name raonic.
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UNR Wolfpack and Notre Dame for college football. Local HS teams for other sports. Don't follow professional sports.
I see your Canadian Man won his match yesterday In the Aus open here. What's his name raonic.
It is pronounced Row Notch, but when you pronounce row, say it like wow. Both he and Shapavalov are still alive. The two Canadian girls lost their matches
Just watching one of our new upcommers Alex De Minaur trade blows with the Spaniard Nadal. An apprentice vs the master match...
It is unfortunate that other teams even exist, but because they do, they often get the better of:
The Bills
The Sabres
The Syracuse Orange
Atlanta United FC
FC Barcelona
And The US men's and women's National Soccer Teams
Your Sabres are looking pretty good, your Bills.... not so much, next year ...
Well Aus open is done now Djokovic played a near perfect match to totally out play Nadal in a straight 3 set commanding performance.
Baseball hasn't started yet :(