What's your next brew

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Nov 20, 2012
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Fruity Saison there's gotta be something growing out copious amounts of fruit over there in your summer?
Or a wheat beer. But I suppose if your planning for the future and have a fair bit of beer on tap a Good strong Stout wouldn't go astray or porter. I tell ya the bertus brewery choc coffee stout sure is a tickler there Ozzarks it will not let you down believe me my best and only all grain stout I've done :p.
sounds like a winner, yes Ive brewed his stout before and it was very good, I turned it into a holiday beer since it was high alcohol and a sipper
I have a list I'm ready to do.

1. juice IPA with London III
2. juice IPA with London III, except with a little midnight wheat so it's a juicy brown ipa, heh.
3. Floral Pale Ale with rose hips, might use Nugget with Perle and EKG?? Will need to look around for floral hops
4. Munich SMaSH beer, with Munich 10, Perle, and WLP029, should be a good autumn beer.
My next up is a hefe. A little late? No only takes 10 day's til carbed.;) Very fresh
sounds like a winner, yes Ive brewed his stout before and it was very good, I turned it into a holiday beer since it was high alcohol and a sipper
I didnt get the efficiency i was hoping for on the mash for that brew still came in around 6% but taste wise its supperb! I doubled the chocolate (nibs) and coffee i added coffee ground pre ferment and at end of ferment. What i taste is real full bodied creamy sweet beer with olenty coffie flavours with chocolate background smooth bitterness not realy there ballanced with that malty sweetness.

I substituted some marris otter with some oats as well for that (proposed) slick creamy mouthfeel. I bittered with magnum no late hops. Im deffinetly gunna brew this one again and thinking of trying some vanilla??o_O.
On tap...
Sierra Nevada Pale, Earl Grey English Mild, ESB Centennial SMASH, Ginger Golden Ale.
Week 2 in Carboy - Nut Brown
This weekends brew - Hazy Daze of Summer NE IPA - Giddyup!!!
Could always try my cRye baby XPA ! Its next up in my brewing roster and sadly ill be giving much of it away to club members at a case swap event we do few times a year .
All Citra Pale Ale - Saturday
Centennial/Cascade Blonde
Porter or Stout.
For Fall, I'm thinking Altbier. I'm a session beer guy, don't like the high-alcohol stuff (mostly) and a good Alt has some of the fall flavors as well as a healthy dose of hops.
I'm doing another SN pale ale that Ozarks posted on here a while back. That stuff turned out lip-smackin good! Brewing tomorrow or Tuesday.
I will be brewing the following beers in the next 2 weeks:

1 x Red IPA
1 x Black IPA
1 x Belgian Strong Dark Ale
2 x American IPAs, of which one will be dry hopped with Equinox hops ( a first for me )
Trying to decide. I have ten pounds of Black Swaen Pilsner malt and a pound of the same company's biscuit on hand - maybe a Frankenbrew of that malt and whatever hops I can scare up? Otherwise, 'tis the season for Altbier.
Oatmeal Milk Stout is 2 weeks into Primary and this weekend (10/1/17), will be brewing a spiced Holiday Red
Did the Frankenbrew (Dirty Duck Pale Ale). Next up, Altbier.
WLP 066 London Fog has been released from the vault, getting one shipped to me. So I bought a bunch of galaxy, going to do a galaxy juice bomb when it arrives.
My next brew will be a pumpkin ale. Made my yeast starter today using Wyeast 1056 and will be ready to pitch by the weekend. This is my favorite time of year for brewing, but then again anytime is always my favorite as long as I have something bubbling away on the fermenter.
Ozarks Blondie getting a vitality real wort starter going now 12 pre pitch it should be rocking on ny pitch time tomorrow with 750g of slurry going in:p. Ill take a photo if its worth it later on...