What are you drinking right now?

Mug of?
Looks new...
Accidental hazy pale with Mosaic, Citra, and Azacca. Need the serving keg to condition the honey lime beer and take to a family vacation later this week (working title is Limey Bastard)

Update: 2 mugs and 18 filled bottles later, mission accomplished
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Happy birthday to you…

‘21 Barleywine was bottled a year ago today. Still a distinctive fruity and floral hop presence from Idaho7 and Loral, but the booziness (11%) is gradually mellowing and while finishing dry, there is a bit of maltiness that wasn’t there before. Definitely aging well at this point with no obvious signs of oxidation. Of course, for Barleywines, 1 year is nothing. Probably have another at Christmas. :)

A bit off topic
But I think @Megary & @Herm_brews got the same counter :)
And it looks pretty close to the lid of my chest freezer :p:p
Forgot how smooth draft Guinness was…
I forgot to mention I waited until I got here to order a to go order so I could have a Guinness haha. Told Kim the online system wasn’t working. :)
View attachment 21278 First time at my “local” in 2 years. Love this place. Looks and feels like an old pub. I’d take pictures but lots of people in here. They already spotted me take the selfie with my Guinness
<Cue pious, Church Lady voice>
Isn't it just a little early in the morning for a beer, Mr. Hughes? ;)

Love the glass.