What are you drinking right now?

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Nov 20, 2012
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Im drinking my common pale ale, the beer I keep going back to as my go to beer

common pale ale.jpg
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what's in the fridge, home-brewed Pineapple bottle conditioned IPA, Big Easy IPA, going to crack a clown shoes double brown tonight,

what's at the bars, last night did a Wiseacre Tiny bomb, Founders Mango Magnifico, and a Honkers Ale

also this past weekend, i've had Great Rafts all my tomorrows and mixed feelings, both really good. had a growler of Evil Twin Mosaic single hopped imperial india pale american Wheat Lager. smatterings of other local brews were downed this weekend as well.
That was just one Evil Twin beer? That's a bit of a crazy mashup.

I'll probably cracked open a porter, base on Mosher'so Radical Brewing. Really nice molasses like taste from boiling a bit of the wort down first.

And maybe I'll have one or two bottles of my hop test batches. Been meaning to taste those a bit more critically and post some results here. Damn real life getting in the way
Back to Black IPA... Only took 6 lace lines on the glass to finish a pint. mmm
Very happy how this came out. Good black malt and hop balance, yet still crisp.
Now what was it I made this with? Oh ya thanks "Brewers Friend"!(for the record) :cool:
Still working several but the best of the new batches is the Patjesbier (Westvleteren Blonde Clone). Next batch of this - I'll keep it in the rotation, it's that good - will be precursor to a Belgian Quad, also in the Westvleteren vein (I'm thinking Westvleteren 12). Had one of the 12's once. Next trip to Europe, the monastery is on the itinerary.
Speaking of monasteries, my uncle once joined a very strict monastery where they were only permitted to speak 2 words every 10 years. After 10 years, the Abbot summoned him and asked him if he had anything to say. My uncle replied, "Food cold" and the Abbot dismissed him to engage in his solitude of prayer. Ten years went by, and again he was summoned by the Abbot. When asked what he would like to say, my uncle said, "Bed hard." Again he was dismissed for 10 more years. After another decade, my uncle was summoned to say his 2 words. He said, "I quit." The Abbot said, "I'm not surprised. All you've done is complain since you got here!" :D
A Sourdough Blonde, so named because it's a pretty basic blonde ale kettle-soured with a pitch of sourdough starter. Flavors: Strong tropical fruit, mango and pineapple. A bit of malt underneath. It's tart without being overwhelmingly sour due to an error while souring. I turned the heat on, it looked stable, I walked away and when I came back, my lacto were belly-up at 151 degrees. But I like the way the beer turned out and it's very pretty in the glass so I think I'll keep it, at least until I've drunk it all up!
That sounds pretty good nosy. Mind sharing the recipe?
Recipe is here:

http://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/r ... ugh-blonde

Kettle souring procedure is at my blog site, address listed below. You can use almost any lacto source to start the souring process, which should take from 8 to 12 hours. Souring it to pH 4 gives a tart beer, go to 3.5 or lower, you get a Berliner Weisse with some character other than sour.
much obliged. been meaning to find an excuse to try mandarina hops too

might take me a bit to track down this Tim though....
new brewery opening this week, Urban South. had their Charming Wit this evening.
+Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro, an ESB with nitro, eh..
+Terrapin's Tangerine Lemon Hopsecutioner, quite good.
+drank the rest of her Mango Magnifico, had it last week too. i dig this beer, mango up front, habanero in the throat, 10%abv, yeahhhh.
"Tim" is the brewer at the Dry Dock Brewery's South Dock in Aurora, CO. I can't think of his last name right now. One of the downsides of aging is the onset of CRS (Can't remember s***)....
Finishing the last of my Rye IPA, it really improved after mellowing for two months. I am enjoying Rye additions more and more.
Im drinking an almost carbed Amarillo lager and "wow" perfect, just what I was thinking it would taste like, love it when that happens
nflamedrash said:
Finishing the last of my Rye IPA, it really improved after mellowing for two months. I am enjoying Rye additions more and more.
I'm a fan of rye as well. The local brewery got me hooked on ryes and I'm going to have to make some of my own at one point.
Stone Enjoy By 4.20.16, nice. Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp, quite good. Sierra Nevada Big Foot, not into it. Wiseacre's Tarasque's, oh yeah, great aroma and flavor. And i think i mentioned somewhere on here, been drinking my own Eroica SMaSH, pretty good APA. Half of it was dry hopped, half wasn't, but i think it could afford to be dry hopped a little less, but definitely not none.
Now Im drinking wine, love this stuff, ill have to make some some day Lindermans cabernet sauvignon