Umami Flavor in Stouts

Do you like the savory umami flavor in your stouts?

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Aug 5, 2018
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I'm interested in hearing what folks use (grain, yeast, barrels, etc) to get the savory umami character in stouts. I particularly like how it balances the residual sweetness in bigger beers. I've yet to find the grain or yeast combo that imparts those qualities/notes.

Any feedback or guidance would be appreciated.

For reference some of the beers I'm referring to: Veil Pallbearer, TG SR71, TG Assassin, Alvarado Anniversary Stout.

Last batch of my RIS had a fair bit. I can only enjoy it when there's plenty of sweetness (had one from a commercial producer on the weekend that was fairly dry and it went down the sink).

The recipe for that batch has changed (I can drink it, but don't prefer it) so I can't share it, but it was 60% ale malt, 15% Caramunich III, 9% chocolate and roasted barley and 6% rolled oats. US05 and over two hours on the mash. Not sure if that long mash brought it out but it wasn't in the previous batch.
And I doubt it was autolysis. 4 litre batch, healthy fermentation. Aged in glass primary for 5 weeks before bottling. Ended up 9.7% ABV.