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Aug 16, 2018
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Afternoon everyone, I'm looking at building an electric heated kettle from a 30 L keg and was wondering if anyone could recommend some heating elements, I was thinking of using washing machine ones but read that they might not do the job.i will just be plugging them into a socket 32amp I think the breaker is. Also if anyone has a parts list for making one, tools, parts etc that would be amazing, cheers
Im eyeing off a similar venture my first concept has been using standard kettle element or Jug elements. There is a cheapo brand here in Aus 10 bucks each 2400W 240v a bit of mucking around but i made a sparge water heater as a trial and its been working great guns so far. But im steering away from this idea because of small element surface area and will ve a bastard i recon to clean.

Am keen to see how you fare do keep the thread updated on progress. Cheers!
Here's what you want, though it's better for a 60 liter keggle. You might need a smaller size but the tri-clamp fitting is the way to go.

And you definitely, definitely want a controller, depending on the size you end up with.

There are a lot of different ways to do it but this is probably the most direct and simple and cost-effective for just heating to boil.