1. Box of Rocks

    Any thoughts on this 8 gallon kettle?

    turning to the vast wisdom of my fellow brewers prior to sending dollars into the abyss… Am interested in brewing 4 gallon all grain batches, and my 5 gallon kettle won’t handle the volume. I may eventually using induction, so it needs to be magnetic or induction ready. Thinking of getting this...
  2. M

    Electric keggle

    Afternoon everyone, I'm looking at building an electric heated kettle from a 30 L keg and was wondering if anyone could recommend some heating elements, I was thinking of using washing machine ones but read that they might not do the job.i will just be plugging them into a socket 32amp I think...
  3. KenK

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Look what my (beer-drinking) kids got me for my birthday! I think it's a hint -- they're pretty fond of my homebrew