Brut IPA?

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    I started with the Morebeer Juicy Brut Recipe in BYO magazine. It was light, simple, and great. It would be good for a hot summer afternoon, but would get boring over time. The hops were mostly citrus flavors. At that point I decided to see if in could intensify the flavors a little.

    The grain bill is simple, 2 row and Carapils. I even brewed one batch with just 2 row and it came out fine. For me the simpler the better. I carbonate it to 2.5 volumes which gives it a good head for the time I am drinking it.

    For the hops, 3 oz ea in whirlpool and dry hop does not overwhelm the flavor and is not bitter for a 5 gal batch. The original recipe called for .4 oz at 60 min. I initially eliminated it and then decided to add it back in later batches. I have settled on 1 oz of Centennial for 60 minutes which for me gives it added flavor and does not add bitterness. I have also done the same using Amarillo.

    If you brew your recipe you will have a nice dry, clean, simple beer with a little citrus flavor. It will be a good baseline for further development.

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    Thanks 4Bentley!
    I don't have any Centennial but I do have a bit of Cascade, I altered the recipie and I will throw it into the boil at 60 mins.
    I feel like a small baseline bitterness is probably a good idea!

    Thanks again.

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