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    12/28/2018 - Brew Step order fixes, hop inventory deduction fixes, fermentable unit change bug fix.
    12/24/2018 - Brew Log charts and fermentation tab updates in Brew Session.
    12/19/2018 - Water calc fixes for lb and qt units coming from the Recipe Builder.
    11/15/2018 - Fixes to custom brew steps, water calc salts and acid units now match the recipe builder for more accurate pH predictions, including tsp and tbsp additions to the water calc. Print quick water requirements (user request). Mobile fixes for sorting brew steps. iSpindel battery percent and WiFi signal added.
    11/5/2018 - Device Integrations for Tilt, iSpindel and Custom app support for reporting and logging fermentation temperature and gravity.
    11/5/2018 - Fixes for recipe building pH prediction when multiple source waters.
    11/5/2018 - Fixes for custom brew steps are added at the end of brew step list.
    10/15/2018 - Added custom default brew steps and custom brew steps for the brew session.
    10/15/2018 - Added recent brew session on recipe view page.
    9/13/2018 - Water Calc Updates 1.6 includes better recipe integration with pH prediction, Brew Session event log for pH, removed view count increment if you are viewing your recipe.
    8/14/2018 - Omega Yeast Labs update to add all strains
    7/30/18 - Recipe Builder water calc updates and pH calc addition. Salts and Acids autocomplete added to Other ingredients for pH adjustment.
    7/30/18 - Recipe Builder scale hop utilization, using similar logic as first wort hops, where the percent is applied after the Rager or Tinseth formula, you can now change the hop utilization.
    7/30/18 - Homepage update for new and popular recipes
    7/27/18 - Add quick search to browse pages: fermentables, styles, hops, yeast and other ingredients
    7/9/18 - Added the ability to change the hop utilization in the recipe builder.
    7/5/18 - Added new BJCP Styles for British Strong Ale: Burton Ale, Specialty IPA: New England IPA, Catharina Sour and New Zealand Pilsner. Added sound options for brew session timers in Account, General Settings. Fixed hop extract ml calculation, using standard 1ml = 10 IBU for 5 gal. Added SMaSH option to search.
    6/18/18 - Inventory Updates: added an inventory tab and selection on the recipe builder. Also added autocomplete for ingredients in my inventory.
    5/16/18 - Updated Recipe Import allowing BeerSmith recipes and multiple drag and drop recipes
    5/14/18 - Added AutoSave on Brew Session Notes
    5/5/18 - New iOS app version with updated fermentables, yeast, and hops
    4/27/18 - Added AutoSave feature to the recipe calculator
    4/18/18 - Added German CaraRye to Ingredient Database
    4/9/18 - Added Kviek Yeasts from Omega Yeast Labs
    4/9/18 - Renamed Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois to Saccharomyces "Bruxellensis" Trois
    4/6/18 - Added Notes tab in Brew Log for session notes
    4/6/18 - Added multiple equipment profiles
    2/28/18 - Added United Kingdom Crystal 55L malt to fermentables database
    2/26/18 - Added Wyeast 3031-PC Saison-Brett Blend Yeast to Ingredient Database
    2/26/18 - Added WLP095 Burlington Ale Yeast to Ingredient Database
    2/17/18 - Fixed max limit on fermentable inputs in recipe builder, so it's easier to enter quantities in grams, etc.
    2/16/18 - Fixed Javascript bug on advanced water calculations page with certain recipes
    2/15/18 - Added goal-based recipe building based on fermentable percentages:
    2/1/18 - Further improved refractometer calculations to use new formula from latest Zymurgy article
    1/26/18 - Improved refractometer calculations (calculator + brew sessions) to use both cubic & linear FG alcohol adjustment equations based on gravity range
    1/3/18 - Percent based fermentables in recipe builder
    1/3/18 - New hop types: Lupulin Pellet, Extract, Debittered Leaf
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