1. B

    Sparge Water Acidification - Enter value

    Hello, I love your Advanced Water Calculator but I'd like to be able to enter an acid amount myself for the sparge water. I have this need because we acidify all of our water in the same time in our HLT, so I can't have 2 different acid concentration. It would be good so I could keep track and...
  2. Thurston Brewer

    Advice on Water Testing

    I have tested my water source for total hardness (soft), but how do I get the specific measurements of individual minerals needed for an accurate water profile? I'm not using municipal water so I can't get a gov't report... I need some way to test my specific water - short of paying a mint for...
  3. L

    San Francisco Tap Water

    FWIW, San Francisco's tap water tastes really good, and it's what I use to make all my beer. Anyone else located in SF county and use the tap water for brewing? I started thinking about the quality of the water I use for brewing a few months ago, but I couldn't find any recent water reports...