1. R

    stream API battery

    it expects voltage. My DIY tilt hydrometer converts its voltage ADC to percentage based on empirical experiments and calculations that are specific to my device. Where is it documented (or can you just tell) what the voltage range is so I can convert back and it'll be displayed correctly? Thanks!
  2. Hobbs

    Tilt Calibration for Fermentation Tab

    I can calibrate my gravity reading on the Tilt app when placed in water but have not found a way to make sure this pushes to the fermentation tab readings and log on Brewer's friend. I can make the adjustment in my head but in the future would be nice to know that the readings were actually off...
  3. MeemoNZ

    Bug: Issues with Tilt forwarder on brew session

    Hey BF team, I have a current active brew session with a Tilt attached for tracking, there is a forwarder on the Tilt to send data to GrainFather. This has been working great for all of my last brews and also the past 48 hours for the current brew - however approx. 13:15 on 18/4/22 (NZ Time)...
  4. naDinMN

    Frustrated... (Tilt/Kindle)

    Hey, I recently hooked up a Tilt to a Kindle Fire 7 9th Gen and I'm only getting updates when the Kindle is open and the app is on. I looked through all the settings, but can't find out what is wrong. Anyone have an idea what is wrong?
  5. AHarper

    Brew Log Fermentation List Updating Anomaly

    Just a minor point but the Brew Log Update entry at the foot of the page does not accurately reflect the last data entry that creates the graph. Only manual entries - such as Sample entries - produce an update to the date/time posted at the foot of the page. Any entry from a Tilt message (and I...
  6. MeemoNZ

    Forwarder configuration options [per-device]

    Hi, Please can I raise a feature request to allow a forward to be configured per device? Usecase: I have 2 Tile devices (Blue & Yellow), I send logs from both (TiltPi) to BrewersFriend where I have a forwarded setup to send data on to GrainFather. Issue: I would like to send 1 tilt device...
  7. MeemoNZ

    Filtering data from a device

    I have a Tilt and a Plaato of which I started with the Plaato and them moved to the Tilt when logging data for fermentation - this happened when moving from normal to pressure fermenting. Out of interest, I've just tried to setup both against a brew session which seems to add noise as the...
  8. Bubba Wade

    A Beautiful Curve

    I have spent my entire career in industrial instrumentation and automation. In the industrial world, there is the rule that you cannot control what you cannot measure. I was very enthused to get the Tilt hydrometer a year ago. I have used it for about 15 batches and it has worked very well...
  9. M

    Tilt Pi Trouble

    Need a little help from someone smarter than I am on this, but having trouble with Tilt Pi. This seems to be a Raspberry Pi issue not a Brewers Friend problem but there seems to be a pretty good community here using Tilt so thought I’d post. Basically, I have my rPi (Version 2) running the...
  10. west1m

    Tilt Hydrometer recording

    Does anyone have a good link , instructions or You Tube Video on using Tilt / Rasberry Pi with Brewers Friend? I have it working with the Google logging page but can't seem to see how to use it here with the "My Brew Session" .
  11. F

    Tilt, ABV & BrewersFriend

    Hello. Question regarding the ABV value as displayed by Tilt in my Brew Session pages: Is Tilt's current ABV value calculated from the recipe's predicted OG, or from Tilt's original gravity reading? Thanks