small batch

  1. CoFlyGuy

    First Small Batch Smash

    Ok folks, brew attempt 2 coming. Here is a recipe I found for a SMaSH. I am curious to try this idea as I am hoping that it might keep things a bit smoother. Let me know what you all think. Any and all suggestions are welcome. BTW, this was entered at the original production total of 5.5 Gallons...
  2. CoFlyGuy

    A small batch aka 1st run beer!

    Greetings fellow brewers. I am new to this whole brew thing. I was given this recipe by a friend but can't seem to get a few things in line. This is a small batch recipe at 2 gallons when complete. Anyway, some of my numbers are way off of his and I am kind of trying to figure out if one of us...
  3. Sunfire96

    Want to change my mash/sparge setup for small batches

    Hello, I'm very new to brewing with 2 completed brews under my belt, both one gallon all-grain recipes. I would like to mash and brew in the same kettle, but was wondering if I could use several small grain bags for my mash (I don't want to commit to BIAB due to low efficiency). If I have...
  4. Kosh

    10" dia. induction ready 12 - 16 quart brew kettle?

    Hi, not new at brewing but figured this might be a good place for the question: does anyone know of a good SS 3-4 gallon brew kettle that's 10 inch diameter maximum at bottom? Need this size for my induction cooker. Needs spigot as well but if under $66.00 i guess i could add one myself...
  5. C

    Small batch yeast

    I really wish yeast companies could package yeast for small batches. 1 to 3 gallons. Would love to use imperial yeast on a 1 gallon batch but don’t want to waste a ton of yeast. Random thought A yeast sample pack would be cool. ‘Our type 5 yeast strains for 1 gallon batches’
  6. roandyo

    acquiring small amounts of ingredients

    I'm putting together a kit to do small batch (1.5-2 gallons) all grain BIAB. I've started to look at grain bills for recipes I would like to try, but the recipes include amounts that are only small fractions of the smallest amounts I can purchase online. I'm trying to find a local homebrew...
  7. R

    All-grain Noob

    Whats up guys, I've been brewing for about a year doing extract stuff and occasionally adding a bit of grain to my brews. It's time I graduated to my first all grain brew and I was just wondering if anyone knew of some less complicated recipes or methods to ease myself into it until i get the...