1. N

    Adding coffee or fruit extract to secondary or at bottling?

    Hello fellow brewers! We brewed a Belgian blond and want to separate 2 gallons into 1 gallon jugs and experiment with some flavors. One will be dragon fruit, the other will be coffee, with the rest of the 3 gallons left alone in a carboy. Here are my questions: a. We bought dragon fruit...
  2. J

    Mango IPA recommendations

    I'm just about to transfer a mango IPA to secondary for mango infusion and dry hopping. I was planning on mosaic and citra for dry hopping. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Hops or anything?
  3. Sunfire96

    Dry hop & cold crash questions

    Hello again everyone! I'm going to be racking a one gallon batch of pale ale to secondary this weekend, and had a few questions (I realize racking to secondary is unnecessary, but I would like to try it for the experience/knowledge): 1) I'll be dry hopping with pellets in a bag...can I put the...
  4. J

    Conditioning fruit while fermenting with Voss Kveik yeast???

    Hey gals & gents, So my question deals with conditioning fruit while utilizing the high-temperature tolerant Voss Kveik yeast. I will be primary fermenting my 2 gallon batch of APA with Voss Kveik at around 85 degrees. After dry hopping, I will split the primary into two seperate, smaller...
  5. Christopher Brown


    Any suggestions on how/when to utilize cereal to brew a 1 gallon batch? Local brewing club is having an event to use cereal to brew beer. I’m thinking of making a session IPA with lemon drop hops and somehow utilizing an organic version of Trix (avoiding preservatives). Should I add it to the...
  6. Xendelaar

    Fermenting Barleywine: to secondary or not to secondary...

    That's the question! ;) I’ve been working on a big bad barleywine: Batchsize: 10 liters (2.64 gallons) Yeast: WYEAST 1214 (with starter) OG: 1.106 FG: (hopefully somewhere in the range of 1.023) Link to recipe Link to brew day album The wort has been fermenting for 3 days now and as soon...
  7. Huff

    Length of time in secondary

    Hi Folks, I'm wondering what people think would be a reasonable amount of time in secondary for a dry hopped pale ale. Would 4 weeks + be too long? Normally I wouldn't leave that style for that long, but I'm heading away on vacation and wondering if I need to bottle before I go. Thoughts?