1. N

    Lager-like Blonde Ale

    I want to use the Lutra Kveik yeast to nice lager-tasting ale for the summer. The recipe is below and I'm mainly looking for feedback on the hop selection/amount as well as the mash guidelines. I'm still fairly new to the homebrew process and 1.75 qt/lb seems a little dense, should I decrease...
  2. S

    Lagered a little too long!

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a little advice, I have brewed a lager, which I started the lagering process, taking the temp down to 2.5 C. I intended to bottle it after a few weeks but work commitments got in the way and it has now been stored at that temp for about 3 months. I am guessing...
  3. D

    How long is too long for lager fermentation

    I am considering brewing a lager and leaving it in the fermenter for 8 - 10 weeks. I won't be able to bottle it for 8 to 10 weeks. Any issues in leaving it in the fermenter that long? Thanks in advance!
  4. N

    IPA tastes of lager

    Hello everyone, All of my IPA's have a very lager like taste and it really detracts from the hop flavours I am aiming for. I have tried stripping back my recipies to just: Maris Otter Single hop (bitter/mid/finish) Safale US-05 or M44 US WEST COAST YEAST and its the same. Hoppy lager, I love...
  5. BilltownBrewingCo

    Amber/Red Lager for the Guys

    I've always brewed for me and my very few hop head and/or good beer appreciating buddies. This beer is an attempt to bridge the gap between them, and the Busch Light guys. Yuengling Lager is a beer that they all seem to appreciate. Also, my ol' man is a corn farmer in Iowa, so this provides an...
  6. Korpi Brewery

    Choosing between Pilsner malts

    Hey guys and gals, long time no Brewing! I've got a tough choice to make and would love to have your insights. I'm planning to brew a simple sweet lager in a few days time and I need to make a decision between two different pilsner malts. The receipe looks roughly like this: 86% Pilsner malts...
  7. BilltownBrewingCo

    Bottle Conditioning Lagers

    Hello all- Brewed a Maibock 10 days ago. Just ramped it up to diactyl rest temps. However, my question today is in regards to bottling the beer after I have lagered. I would like the beer to be exceptionally clear, so after a few days at current 65 degrees, I will lower it down to 50 degrees...
  8. Houses 3 Brewing

    Beer Tasting

    Okay everyone, looking for an example to a question I get a lot. What is the difference between a lager and an ale? Most people think they are the same--so when I explain it--their eyes kind of glaze over, and walk away muttering something along the lines of "Okay, beer dork.". We are having a...
  9. K

    Need advice about flocculation

    We have a small factory. One-tank method. We cook a light lager. I use the method of assimilation, assimilated and harvest yeast 20% by 80%. I get 15 mil.cell / ml at the begining of fermentation. Before the filtration, after all yeast removals, there were 8-14 mil.cell / ml. now this number is...
  10. L

    WLP800 Lager yeast

    Hi there, first time here :-) I brewed my first pilsner in the weekend (OG 1.056). I use WLP800 as suggested in Jamil's wonderful BCS book. According to instructions I used 2 vials of PurePitch to avoid using a starter. I took vials out of fridge and let it warm to room temp (20 celcius). I then...