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    Join Date: 12/28/11
    Location: illinois
    My Brewing:

    I use a 3 tier gravity system that I have been improving over the years.I just about have
    it to where I want it with constantly tweaking it with new gear and new innovations that
    I come up with.Over the last 5 years my brewing has improved 10 fold with the changes.

    Cheers,and Happy Brewing.

    My Beers:

    Vanilla Cream Ale
    Chocolate Vanilla Porter
    Springtime Kolsch
    Mid Winter Spiced Ale
    American Honey Wheat Ale
    Blue Moon clone
    Spotted Cow clone

    Brew Breakdown By Phase:
    • Planning: 7
    • Brewing: 0
    • Primary Fermentation: 1
    • Secondary Fermentation: 0
    • Conditioning: 0
    • Ready To Drink: 0
    • All Gone: 51