Zoom March 2024?

I don't have Zoom installed, and because this is a company laptop, I can't download it. I can host a Microsoft Teams call.
running around the back yard.
Glad everyone got on. It was going early I was on with @Zambi didn't realize the meeting had stopped. Thanks for getting ahold of me @Donoroto so I could turn it back on. I’ll mess with settings, hopefully no issues next time I’m out of commission
Yeah, worked fine early on, but it was quiet and I fell asleep :)
Happy Easter everyone
Yup, this one has been helping himself to the neighbors cat food.
Darn it! I completely forgot about the zoom meeting after a day of traveling home.
So, are we going to do an interim/impromptu meeting this Saturday to do the 2024-Q2 draw?
Can we do Friday? Say 6 or 7 pm NY time?
Sophie is staying with my mom Saturday so apparently I am going to be shopping out of town….
I might be able to join Friday. I think later is better for me.
I can do Friday.
Sort of thinking maybe we should do a full one as the last one was a bit messed up?
But not sure about time difference now. Europe has gone to summertime.
Obviously, we have no day light saving time