What are you drinking right now?

A birthday Brown for @Megary!!
Drinking my NZ comparrison Pils the traditional fermentation batch

I'm looking forward to my next one more ABV more Malt forward and yes MORE HOPs.

I like this style tastes like a helles in flavour with that lovely floral honey malt but with a bit of a hop twist.
Something different from the traditional if you know what I mean:)
Thanks to all for the good wishes. I’m slowly beginning to piece together yesterday’s events. Glad I took some pictures. :)
I was in St Pete at the beginning of November and had to do the same thing after some serious brewery hopping. Hope you had a good birthday
Well, I remembered I brought some to work and pretty sure they're still there...so having 1 right now
After letting it sit for another week, I opened a bottle of Janet’s Brown Ale to enjoy while cooking dinner. Unfortunately, I was too busy to take a photo, but there’s another bottle in the fridge for tomorrow. Carbonation was very nice, along with aroma and flavor. Next bottle will be displayed as a photo.
You're all so patient...
I'm trying my voss lime leave beer.
Only carbonated 2 days and 1.5 in fridge.
Just couldn't resist as she smelled so good.
And is already tasting real nice but hazy hazy hazy. Decent carbonation already.
Got high hopes!
Remainder will get 5 days minimum conditioning. Looking forward to this.
Next up:
Red bottle top

Afraid this one will be a little boring after the previous ;)