Vienna Mosaic SMaSH


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Oct 9, 2013
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Hi. I'm planning a Vienna Mosaic US05 smash for a local competition.
5kg Vienna
14g Mosaic @60
14g Mosaic @15
14g Mosaic @ 5
28g Mosaic @ 0
28g Mosaic dryhop
My only concern is the 28g Mosaic at 0. I use a counter-flow chiller and normally will create a whirlpool and let it sit for 15min before I start cooling. So if I add my hops at flameout before whirlpool that wort is still way above 90C and I'm not sure what amount of IBU's it will add to my beer. Or should I leave the wort to naturally cool down to below 80C or so before adding hops and then whirlpool?
Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
More dry-hop maybe. One of the best beers around here is Lone Pint Yellow Rose, a Pilsner/Mosaic smash. It uses no bittering addition, as far as I know and loads up the hops in late addition and dry hop. To me, Mosaic has a slightly harsh bittering component, so I'd personally minimise the 60 minute addition or use it as a First Wort addition instead. It'll be great no matter how you stack it up.
I'd start chilling immediately at flame-out and hold at 170-180F for the whirlpool. You should be able to recirc through the counterflow to cool the entire wort to the desired temp and then stop the counter flow and continue to pump wort.

BTW, I don't know if you've ever gotten the peach esters from US-05 but this would be a recipe where it could add something to the character. Fermenting that yeast at 62-64F gives me that peachy flavor consistently. You can leave it in by continuing to ferment cool or diminish it considerably by raising to 68F after 4- 5 days and before it' down to FG. I did a Simcoe, Centennial, Citra Pale like that and it was superb!

Good luck! That's a SMASH that I've been wanting to do, also. ;)