Tilt and other electronic hydrometers are supported!

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    We'll all be using mass produced small scale stainless fermentes like rabeb has designed. In built temp, pH and gravity sensors talking to wireless switches that turn things on and off to stay +/- 0.001% of target.

    Though I have an internal argument everytime I look at that type of stuff. I want the toys, but I'm only a few years into brewing and I feel there's so much to learn. I wonder whether putting the brew on software based auto-pilot may get in the way of that learning. Maybe something for later when I've got more recipes where I'm not looking to experiment.
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    Well said....

    Speaking for me, I watched YouTube videos for several months before I decided to go from thinking about it, to actually doing it. I started with extract, albeit it just one brew, then on to Partial extract with LME and specialty grains. Again, just once and then dove straight into All Grain and have been brewing All Grain for just over 2 years now.

    Although there’s so much to learn, my wife and I (She loves brewing too), have settled into a well worn routine that produces beers that taste better than their commercial counterparts if it’s a clone, or just delicious amongst friends and family if it’s not.

    So now that we’ve settled into that routine, and the fact I am a techy at heart, I welcome new gadgets and techniques that can simplify or add to the brewing experience.

    On topic: The Tilt is an awesome, yet finicky gizmo.
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