System upgrade weekend

Im interested on how your doing the mash stirring, I made one my self with a pellet stove motor 1 rev per minute and a home made ice cream stirring mechanism, I used a couple of 2x4's on top of the lid and mounted it there direct drive, I had issues with safety and over heating, when I made it very safe the motor overheated and stopped when I took off the covers it didn't seem safe lol so its sitting in my project pile
I'm going to use the motor from a coffee bean dispenser that used to run a corkscrew to dispense the coffee beans down into the garage door motor so you can grind them up and then you had fresh ground coffee from the store A friend of mine has an old coffee bean dispenser and I'm getting the motor from it I'm going to put a variable speed dial switch on it so that I can achieve 10 revolutions per minute during the rest periods of a multi-step Mash and approximately 30 maybe 40 revolutions per minute during the ramp. In the step Mash just enough so that I don't create a vortex
The one thing I have to make sure of is that I put the blades on properly so that when it is agitating the mash it is forcing the mash downwards towards the bottom of the kettle not up towards the surface where it can splatter and create more oxygen Ingress
Once I get these upgrades completed then all I have to do is get somebody to travel to my house and show me how to brew beer
Il give you one tip, its not what you know or even how well you brew, its not making the possible "50" mistakes everyone seems to make, thats why in most times I dont try to say "do this" I try to say dont do this because thats more important ;)
I depend on these forums to learn everything that I don't know right now because all of my local brew clubs are full there tight groups they really don't have a lot of time to spend with a new brewer and you can only learn so much from the videos on YouTube and reading books at least in my case
My local club is also full of tight groups. But each person is more than happy to tell a new brewer the one correct way to brew, and every other way is dead wrong. I just wish they'd agree with each other.
The groups around here or so busy getting ready for competitions and so tight that they don't even want to help new Brewers a whole lot so my learning experience is going to be trial and error learning from the forums here and hopefully produce and some tasty beer
And tasty is only a letter away from nasty!! :D
This link here is particularly interesting it was suggested I take a look at it from another forum and I thought that this might be of interest to Mark the pirate and Ozark it pertains to a low simmering boil being in a sealed system not causing as much DMS it's approximated 60% less so that leaves 40% it makes me curious how much DMs percentage-wise would be detectable sensory Weis here's the link I thought you guys might like to read it
I just use oxygen. Pure, the stuff you weld with. Works like a champ. Now as to the notion that yeast can survive without O2, they can. I'm not throwing thousands of years of brewing experience out to dose my beer with salts. Didn't check that closely but it's looking like the end result will be some O2 released by the chemical reaction. Wouldn't that be a hoot: Giving up oxygen from the air or a welding bottle for oxygen released by a chemical reaction (with god knows what left in the beer....).
And I boil at 6,000 feet, boiling point up here is about 200 F. Doesn't affect my beer, as far as I can tell. No one I know up here pressurizes their kettles (and we make beer up to 10,200' in Leadville). I honestly can't see the point of pressurizing the kettle.
Technically I'm not trying to pressurize the kettle I'm trying to prevent oxygen Ingress by using a completely sealed system I can Purge the kettles with nitrogen not to pressurize them but the force oxygen out so it does not oxidize the beer it is amazing the difference low oxygen makes on the flavor and the aroma and the fuel savings not that it really matters at my level home brewing but it never hurts
I'm just enjoying watching Crunk push the envelope! So please keep the updates coming Crunk!
Okay, today's update, my sounding valves are in the mail, and my dissolved oxygen meter finally shipped also, they should be arriving this Friday.

I picked up both of my motors today 1 for my boil kettle ventilation 2 for my mash agitator. I will have a day of engineering to do but this should complete my upgrades for now, as I'm sure I will have some trial and error testing, recalculating, possibly even recipe adjustment.

I hope to be able to brew this Sunday, as it's my last chance for a month as I will be on vacation in the eastern Caribbean starting may 7th for a week, I didn't want any beers sitting in the fermentors during that time. And it will give me time to crunch my numbers, and anilize the information and any changes that need to be made so when I return from vacation I can start brewing heavy.

And I have my 34/70 yeast ready to go.

On another note I purchased a book from VLB Berlin, technology brewing and malting, 990 pages, it is more informative than any book about brewing that I have ever bought. I recommend the English version to any of you that may be interested. Here is the link.

It's pricey, especially with shipping to the us, but it's worth every penny.
Mash agitator finished, DO meter calibrated, boil kettle ventilation system works like a dream. Tomorrow I'm taking a day for myself, I will brew next week, As I did not do a yeast starter due to not knowing how long alterations where going to take to complete.

The system was tested at boiling for 30 minutes. Looks like everything is ready to go for next saturday
34/70 starter is sitting comfortably at 48°f

Saturday I'll be brewing
Confidently nervous at all?