System upgrade weekend

All plumbing completed system finished, ready for water test, cleaning and sanitizing


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I would think that steam will collect on the inside of the lid and drip down, and the steam carries unwanted flavors and needs to leave the kettle, but at the same time good luck, Im rooting for ya ;)
Second that Oz , Never leave a boiling wort covered but i hope you get away with it .
If you insist on a sealed system you'll want to think about extraction fans or such
DMS is a real thing and a very unpleasant flavour in delicate beers like a Helles
Everything is completed it's been leaked tested I brought my water up to a boil and ran it through the whole system for 20 minutes everything works great the five pound pop off valves are doing what they're supposed to do I will consider the DMS issue with steam I do have the access panel on the lid I can always open it up and allow that to vent if pop off valve isn't enough thank you for bringing that topic up so that I can keep that in the back of my mind as I'm brewing
As much of a noob as I am, I am surprised I could offer up a point to ponder. We all want to help each other to make the best beer we can.
Everyone has something to teach someone.
As I was thinking about replies to the topic, I am formulating a flash evaporator system, to remove dms issues
Top stuff crunk something to extract the steam from your boil kettle so its not running back into your boil/wort;).

BTW above and beyond on your system overhaul im looking forward to your crunkation reviews.:)
Variable speed vent system should do the trick.

I am listening to all of your advise, right now I am soaking up so my information that I find I have just as much deciphering to do, its alot to take in and concider all at once.

I'm very thankful for all your advice and help, it will show in my beers, and through trial and error.

I could remove the lid during the boil process until I fabricate some sort of evaporation removal system.
Ive seen a system that has a 3 pot system covered but had a shoot with a 2" pipe running up to a powered vent system like this


its overkill for you but you get the idea
No problem there, I work for a plumbing supply house, I can get pipe cheap, I like that fan.
Extraction may also effect your boil off rates , an average bathroom exhaust fan should move more than enough air and will double up duty to keep humidity down in your brewery if you duct it outside ....neighborhood will enjoy the smell of mashing grain and boiling hops
I was thinking during boil I can put an 1.5" pvc pipe with a small inline fan over the access door in the lid to act as a vacuum to suck out all the steam and vent it out of the brewing shed.
I control the boil with my temperature controller, in the area I live, I set the controller to 213.5°f and this gives me a gentle rolling boil, which is my goal, per low oxygen brewing techniques. 214.5 gives me a typical light vigorous boil.

Have you tried it with the 5# of pressure?

Edit: Sorry I didn't see the page change and you were addressing all this. Looks like no pressure is needed while boiling? That would be a good thing. When you begin pressurizing steam you are into a different area of science. Steam burns are no fun at all with just boiling kettles let alone pressurized steam.
Isn't steam vapor made up of hydrogen and oxygen or does it change when water changes form?
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Yes yesterday I ran 5 gallons of water through the system and boiled it for 20 minutes to build pressure up the pressure relief valves do work but it does get precipitation on the underside of the lids so I'm going to fabricate a exhaust system to pull that out of there for DMS issues during the boil I don't believe there are any issues needing exhaust during the match
Isn't steam vapor made up of hydrogen and oxygen or does it change when water changes form?

No Chemical change, just physical. Steam is just the gaseous phase of water. Just like Ice is the solid form of water.
I'm going to fabricate a exhaust system to pull that out of there for DMS issues during the boil I don't believe there are any issues needing exhaust during the match

Do you have an air compressor? Then forget the vent fan. You can make a much better vacuum with a cheap venturi valve (tube deflator). This gives you the ability to boil and de-gas at lower temperatures. This was my plan for Lodo, but too much work for where my equipment is at.
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this is what Im talking about, the dome is designed to funnel the steam up and the opening is connected to a suction system, you have to keep that suction on the kettle at all times and the port is for adding stuff


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I've been semi following this thread, and it's really been making my head spin.
To each their own though
This weekend I am installing an exhaust system Force Team over top of the boil kettle to eliminate DMS problems and I am also fabricating a mash agitator that should turn 10 revolutions per minute during the rest periods and I can turn it up to 30 revolutions per minute during the ramp up periods