STC-1000 Programming

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    Hello All,

    I was not able to find a thread for this specific topic regarding the STC-1000; I hope this is not a duplicate thread.
    I already "built" a temperature controller based on the STC-1000 and it is working great. Now, for the second build I wanted to try to go one step further with it and try to program it based on the instructions here:

    I have this exact model. I soldered the pins according to the pictures and the descriptions. I am not great at soldering, but for the sake of the topic, lets say it is not the issue :)

    I have attached the ST-Link V2 to the STC-1000 and have turned it on, it is plugged in. There is nothing showing up on the display of the STC-1000. If I turn it off, unplug the ST-Link V2 adapter and plug it back in, it is working again and everything is functioning, so it was not damaged during the soldering. I have two set of cables, also two adapters, tested them both, it did not help

    Has anybody experience with this? Is this normal behaviour? I am a bit reluctant to connect the adapter to my laptop while its also connected to power...

    Thank you for any help and advice.

    Kind regards,

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