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Mar 28, 2018
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I've brewed a couple of Belgian Wit's that require spices or herbs but the ones at the LHBS are so expensive and the McCormick spices are no better. I found a place that had some of the ones I've using at a much better price... for example I purchased a 1.5 ounce of ground McCormick Sweet Valencia Orange peel @ a cost of $4.69... just received a 1 pound bag of the same from It's Delish for $8.79 they also have a good price for whole coriander which I use in a couple of recipes... just sharing

Broke out the vacuum sealer I bought my wife for mothers day ;) and bagged these up into 1 ounce packs

Granulated Sweet Orange Peel
Whole Coriander Seed
I've found the same to be true with Amazon. Got a pound of whole Star Anise pods for $8.95. Another place to look is in the Latino foods section of the super market. Many have ridiculously low priced dehydrated herbs and spices in plastic bags.
We have a Savory Spice Shop near us - very reasonable prices on small amounts of spices. Agreed on the Hispanic section and another place to look is World Market! They have some very nice spices without the markup those fancy glass bottles have.