Random Photos.

their honey is worth big gahoonas man it's supposed to have medicinal properties to it sorta like Manooka honey but better

they produce at best 1kg of honey per year a fraction of what European bees make but its more than the honey it's the propolis that's also good for you.

that's how I sealed that pipe to the hive by heating it up on the microwave and then molding it to the hive once it sets its as hard as a rock.

that little Bluetonge has its work cut out for it lol!
A bush baby
In a young pawpaw tree, not 2 metres from my bedroom
You figured it out?
Close to 100 of them ;)
New beer labels have arrived. Vinyl clings, reusable and writable with erasable markers.

The logo says Swiss Witch Beer, which is a nod to my wife's family history of having an ancestor burned as a witch, as was the fashion in our area of the world about 5 centuries ago. My family were all just farmers and not interesting, so I had to use her history, as she has a long history in the cantonal Diet (the ruling nobility of the Middle Ages in Switzerland), and even has a castle that has her family name maybe 15 km from our house.

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